San Diego Comic Con

Can you smell the newness? CAN YOU?

I swear, we really are trying to revive this website.

There’s so much to report on, so much to talk about! Yes, we did attend the wonderful and geek-morous San Diego International Comic Con. We had fun, of course. As usual, I spent my time in the dealer’s room and hitting up my favorite comic book artists such as David Mack. Nancy was actually productive and went to a couple of panels.

But hey, I went to see the Neil Gaiman panel and saw clips of the upcoming movie, Stardust, based on the brilliant man’s novel, of course. I also saw Frank Welker and drooled over the 300 trailer… which, by the way, is coming out in theater soon. Oh yeah, who’s with me? FOR SPARTAAAAAAA!!!

I’m still trying to get our act together around this website and I promise links and such will be up and working soon. Please keep coming back…. if anyone actually visits this website, that is. XD


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