Sci-Fi Clashes

Don’t get me wrong, I love Battlestar Galactica as much as the next geek, but don’t you guys notice how much the show is just a culmination of all kinds of apocalypse movies and stories that were soooooooo done before?

For example, I am currently watching Titan A.E.… anyone remember that movie? It’s animated and it’s seriously a big time favorite of mine. It’s really good, guys. Watch it if you haven’t. The story starts just like Battlestar Galactica with the whole blowing up the Earth deal.

A lot of the Drej qualities has been adopted by the Cylons too.

I just find it really interesting. Another movie that Battlestar Galactica could be compared to is Bladerunner.

I love the series, but I find is pretty un-original… but very entertaining. I’m simple. All I need is entertainment!

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