Silent Bob Speaks

The internet is full of blogs and many of them rarely ever stand up. The majority of them is hosted by Xanga or Livejournal and it’s a bunch of people of all ages talking like emo-ridden teenagers. I bet some of them are fairly scary.

Though there are some gems out there in the interwebs that are worth reading. Not this one. Girl geeks and Company?? Who wants to read that crap? I guess we’re kind of hoping that there will be a small audience build-up for this place. Or, at least it gives us personal entertainment. For the most part.

To get right back on topic, one of my favorite blogs is by no other than Kevin Smith’s “Silent Bob Speaks” blog. He doesn’t even talk about Hollywood-related topics in all his entries. Some times, he just writes about the daily occurences in his life, but somehow makes it ten times more amusing than some other schmuck with internet access. I never thought I would sit there and read an entire entry about his use of a GPS system in his car. Granted the GPS system was a gift from his co-star, Jason Mewes, so that made it that much more special.

Or perhaps I’m just a foolish geek who believes Kevin Smith’s movies are brilliantly entertaining.

Seriously though, to give him credit, Smith has always been an entertaining story-teller– whether in his movies, writing, talks, and now his blog.

The point of all this is I recommend that you grab a nice cup of tea or whatever it is you drink out there– cup of beer, maybe– and sit down infront of the ‘pooter and read his blog. Not only does he have some cool insights on the projects he is working on (or not working on), but it makes you feel like he’s your buddy. Okay. I lied about that last party. His entries are just funny so read them. He’ll never be my friend or yours.

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