Witchblade – The Girl Mecha

Admittedly, I used to read Witchblade.
How about them Witchblade/Tomb Raider crossovers?? Those were FANCY!
Then I jumped out of that wagon and moved on. I did hear about the Witchblade anime, but thought nothing of it. Maybe a part of my delicate brain wanted to deny that it would ever happen.

Then while surfing around the interweb world of comics last night, I stumbled upon the Funimation website and watched the trailer on the front page.

I think my reaction was a mix of horror and amazement and morbid fascination.
Sara Pezzini is now Masane Amaha.
The Witchblade is an organic girl mecha.
Half-naked organic mecha chicks.

It’s funny how things just gets transformed in the anime world.
It’s even funnier how it makes a whole lot of sense with Witchblade.
Maybe it will even make it better than it was! Or wasn’t!

Mostly horrified at the thought of Witchblade fermenting into the world of anime and the possibly consequences of this. it’s bad enough that barely anyone had ever pulled off a good Witchblade costume… now we’re going to see the delights at anime conventions. Oh boy, oh boy!

Am I on board with this one?
I’ll think about it.

Visit the Official Funimation Witchblade the Anime website.

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