Economic Crisis

I think this place should be voted for the most neglected blog in all of interweb history.

Lately, I can’t peel my eyes off,, and many other selling communities I follow. It seems everybody is trying to make a little extra cash by selling everything they own, if you know what I mean. Even I’ve come to selling some of my brand clothing here and there just to buy an original artwork from a favorite artist! Nonetheless, I have always been a poor, starving artist/geek so this economic crisis we’re suffering in isn’t really making any sort of difference in my already sad state of income.

In fact, I’ve snagged some low-priced DVDs off of Amazon sellers– V for Vendetta and Planet Terror for both less than $20!

Nonetheless, hobbies have suffered from all this lack of money. I’ve quit cosplay and anime conventions. I’ve narrowed down my conventions to basically San Diego Comic Con… and that’s about it! I would still consider WWLA, but it all depends if anyone will actually be there next year.

There is kind of a void in my little nerdy heart– especially since I don’t even buy as many comic books as I would like to these days. Maybe I should stop buying used brand clothing on eBay, right? Girl and Geek– both sides in constant battle!

Anyways, as always, I promise to think of a way to make this blog and website more interesting in the future!

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