San Diego Comic Com 2009 – Report Part 1

Since my friends and I drove in the Thursday of the convention (arrived at our hotel at around 11am), we basically missed a lot of the panels that day. My friends braved the Hall H line, but I dove inside the Exhibit hall with my boyfriend because he wanted to “absorb” the convention (he hasn’t been to a comic convention for a long, long time…).

Star Trek is cool again!

The highlight of my day was when I spotted the gaggle of Twitards waiting for Robert Pattinson to come out of Hall H after the Twilight panel…


I decided to gaggle with them because, honestly… what can be more amusing than a bunch of teeners (…and middle aged women) going nuts over a guy who played an emo vampire? Ha! The conversation between those girls are too funny. Really idiotic. But kind of sweet and funny. I was rewarded at the end when R-Pattz drove and a handful of Twitards chased his car down the street.

sdcc2009 / twitard adventure sdcc2009 / goodbye r pattz!

View the larger size of the photo to see R-Pattz grinning like a maniac behind the tinted window of the car… Anyone know if him and the other cast members were stoned again…?

sdcc2009 / poor R Pattz sdcc2009 / twitards running after R Pattz car

The car getting surrounded by girls and paparazzi.

It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!

After that, I lined up for ballroom 20 and managed to get into the Dexter panel! I do appreciate sitting in the same room as Michael C. Hall.

Then, I reunited with my friends and we found… the Epic Burrito.

sdcc2009 / EPIC BURRITOS!

sdcc2009 / EPIC BURRITOS!

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