Early Halloween Celebration!

First of all, sorry that the website is looking a little strange right now. I’m in the midst of moving and redesigning the front page around, so things are gonna be funky for awhile! But I’ll try to keep the blog as readable as possible, at least. Ha!

We celebrated Halloween a little early at work and had a Halloween Karaoke competition at Backstage Bar & Grill! I highly recommend this karaoke bar. Their song list is a 50 pound book, the drinks are good and they have REALLY good food!

LA Weekly Halloween Karaoke 2009 LA Weekly Halloween Karaoke 2009
I love their garlic fries…

I went as a witch to work– well, a lame attempt at a “Cute Witch” costume, at least. The outfit was pulled together from my closet, but I actually made the hat out of posterboard and fabric, all pieced together with a hot glue gun. Skills, man… skills.

DIY: Witch hat!

halloween 2009 : WITCH halloween 2009 : WITCH

We had a costume contest, too, but I lost to a dog. That’s okay, though… the dog really is cuter than me.

LA Weekly Halloween Karaoke 2009

Check my flickr for a few more photos!!!

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