Free Comic Book Day, 2010

Free Comic Book Day 2010

I celebrated my first Free Comic Book Day this year! I know, I know… where have I been, under a rock? Not quite. I knew this happened each year and somehow I always opted out of the celebration. Who knew what kind of important tasks I was doing instead of getting my free comic on. Ha! I think it’s also because it’s usually on my mom’s birthday weekend… but excuses, excuses.

This year, I decided to finally just go for it and my boyfriend took me to a participating comic store in San Diego called Comickaze. It was a well-stocked store; which was painful for myself because I had to hold back due to my own financial restrictions! I could have spent hours just browsing the store inch by inch.

They had a “Push Up Challenge” to win Iron Man 2 swag and VIP tickets, which I egged Jason to participate in. Good thing my guy is good natured and willing to have fun and be silly! Alas, we did not win… because nerds will do 50-70 push-ups in one minute if they had the right motivation!

Free Comic Book Day 2010

San Diego’s FCBD celebrations was definitely at a lower key than the bigger bookstores in L.A. this past weekend- but at least we weren’t fighting a huge crowd and got to relax at a very cool comic shop. Here is a little slideshow of the photos I took during the event:

CLICK HERE for more photos!

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