More crochet

I’m finding crocheting really satisfying at the minute. More so than knitting. Last Saturday (I can’t believe it was only last Saturday) I bought some yarn and started knitting what’s called a ‘bolero’ to where to a wedding I’m going to this summer.

It’s from the Sitch ‘N Bitch: Happy Hooker book, called Short ‘N Sweet.

This is what it should turn out like:

This is how far I got after about 2 hours:

This was a few days later on, the rectangle is the back, the L shapes are the front. It’s quite clever, the whole thing goes together without sewing it at all.


So, I completed what was called the back, left and front, then I start on the ‘body’ which connects them all together.


What you see there is what will be the sleeve hole.


This is that same thing seen flat. You can see how it’s shaping together. I’ll post again when it’s all done!!

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