But… Why Male Models?

Have you ever wondered if there was more to life, other than being really, really, ridiculously good looking?

WALK OFF! (haus of shimmer)
iamchubbybunny as Mugatu

The Zoolander Walk Off party launched the first night of JapanLA’s anniversary celebration, hosted by Bubble Punch at Space15Twenty in Los Angeles. The runway stage was set outdoors with a live DJ and a crowd of really, really ridiculously good looking people!

Many were dressed as characters from the movie itself and we could have built an army of Mugatus and Katinkas that night. Hand models were also present and of course, Derelicte models sporting outfits made of trash bags, newspaper and recycled goods.

WALK OFF! (haus of shimmer) WALK OFF! (haus of shimmer)

Attendees participated in a passionate walk off challenge on the stage, out-staging and out-performing each other in a ridiculously awesome display of wild posing, movie scene reenactments, and dancing. David Bowie watched carefully from the sidelines to make sure none of the models are going to break the rules. Although, models do as they’re told anyways, right?

WALK OFF! (haus of shimmer) WALK OFF! (haus of shimmer)
WALK OFF! (haus of shimmer) WALK OFF! (haus of shimmer)

The top two winners of the Walk-Off went home with Hello Kitty razors (adorable!) and these guys are no slashies, people– they’re the pure breeds. The rest of the night ended with dancing to 80s and 90s music and shopping. Chubby Bunny, Sugar Pill Cosmetics, Jessica Louise and Audrey Kitching all had a pop-up booth to sell their wares. Plus, True Mee (aka YumeNinja/NinjaSovereign) showcased a collection of her paintings!

WALK OFF! (haus of shimmer)
Me and Shrinkle, creator of SugarPill

If anyone was wondering, I did end up participating in the Walk Off and promptly ended up at LA Weekly’s slideshow. I guess I couldn’t hide my secret night life of wearing trash bags and safety cones on my head from my co-workers for long anyways, ha! I had a lot of fun making that outfit, which I had feared would fall apart the minute I wore it out the door. Who knew that trash bags, hot pink duct tape and staples were made of tougher stuff?

WALK OFF! (haus of shimmer)
Chloe and I, really ridiculously good looking

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