Celebrating Scott’s Finest Hour

FINEST HOUR//Midnight Release

Meltdown Comics hosted an awesome midnight release party for the very last volume of the Scott Pilgrim series by Bryan Lee O’Malley: volume number six, entitled “Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour.” I arrived close to 10:30pm and promptly ran into my LA Weekly co-worker and friend, Liz Ohanesian, who covered the event for the website. Guests were fed with free cookies, milk, coffee and (of course) alcohol. There were entertainment that included live music and stand-up comedians, tossing jokes about Batman and geeks.

The store held a trivia contest and also, a cosplay contest.

Nicole Klepper, dressed as Ramona Flowers, took the grand prize!

FINEST HOUR//Midnight Release
Winner of the cosplay contest, Nicole!

The night went by quite fast because Meltdown Comics is no newbie when it comes to hosting events and entertaining people. Right after the cosplay contest, there was five minutes left on the clock before the book was officially released. I stood in line with my friend, another girl named Nicole (she was dressed as Roxy) and it took almost an hour till we got to the cashier. Dedicated fans stood in line longer, eager to be part of the first few people to read the book.

They even streamed the whole event online and more than 46K people watched! I wonder if I was seen on camera?

It was a fun night and I plan to attend more of Meltdown’s events in the future.
FINEST HOUR//Midnight Release FINEST HOUR//Midnight Release

FINEST HOUR//Midnight Release FINEST HOUR//Midnight Release

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