The Different Faces of Vancouver

Downtown Vancouver 2010

The first thing I noticed about Downtown Vancouver is the diversity of its architecture. Also, it was a smaller city and we could literally walk to a destination and get there in less than an hour. Every few blocks and every turn, the buildings and the scenery could change. Suddenly, it made sense why this city is a known Hollywood favorite to use as a film location. Vancouver could literally look like any city in the world! Which made it perfect for the Supernatural series because the Winchester brothers are constantly traveling across the United States. Every inch of Vancouver and its surrounding towns have been transformed into a U.S. city for the show it seems.

Oh yes– did I mention one of our primary reason to visit Vancouver was to attend the Supernatural convention? That will be a separate blog report! For now, enjoy some photos from our trip and sightseeing around the city.

Downtown Vancouver 2010 Downtown Vancouver 2010
Downtown Vancouver 2010 Downtown Vancouver 2010
Chinatown//Vancouver 2010 Chinatown//Vancouver 2010
Downtown Vancouver 2010 Downtown Vancouver 2010

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