It has ears!

Just in time for the cold setting in, I’ve finished knitting my first hat. It has ears!


Now I’m working on secret Christmas projects, so I won’t be able to make craft updates for awhile, seeing as they only people reading this are probably related to me :P. I’ll have to find something else to post about.

In other geeky news, I’ve gotten addicted to Plants vs Zombies on Xbox. It’s so much fun! I’ve also been playing Costume Quest on Xbox too. It was like simulating running around trick-or-treating again. Good fun.

Anyone else excited about the upcoming Harry Potter film??? I’ve been listening to the audio books again. “Reading” them again as an adult, I realise how dumb those kids are.

Seriously, if I was eleven and I thought someone was going to steal, say, the crown jewels, my second thought, after being told that I can’t talk to the equivalent of Dumbledore would NOT be, “I’ll protect it myself.” NO. It would be, “Ok, who’s the second most competent adult I can find?” But more to the point, how shit were those protections on the Philosopher’s Stone? A logic puzzle? A chess game? SERIOUSLY? The later books tell us they have spells to make locations impossible to find except for people that already know. Or transfiguring it into, I don’t know, a chamber pot. Who the hell would steal that?

But as bizarre as some of the decisions they make, I must give Rowling credit. I don’t struggle to remember any of her characters, regardless of weird names or lack of back story. She has a knack for making anyone memorable. I’m reading Skullduggery Pleasant series, which I absolutely love, but I can’t for the life of me remember who anyone is. He writes really snappy dialogue, but backstory zip! (But as I said, I love his books and HIGHLY recommend them.)

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