Date Archives February 24, 2011

Cosplay for Sakura Watch

I still have yet to do ALA days 2 and 3! Give it a few days, guys! But here’s an entry to tide you over!

Last week, the sakura blossoms started blooming at Anthony C. Beilenson Park (formerly known as Lake Balboa) in Van Nuys. These beautiful flowers unfortunately start falling off within a week or so after blossoming so I wanted to get some cosplay pictures of me as Tsukimi Kurashita from Princess Jellyfish (aka Kuragehime)  when they were looking their best.

Unfortunately, it was also raining the only day I could make it. And it was windy.   BRR.

My friend Vince (…and now boyfriend. Ah.) still was up for photos so we trekked over there and spent a good hour in the on-off rain.

Here’s one picture. That ironically has no sakura blossoms!

I don’t have any other pictures ATM but here’s some progress pictures for my next cosplay this Saturday that I plan to do at the park. Unless it rains again.

My references! The character is Kongiku from the game Muramasa: The Demon Blade. My friends wanted me to cosplay a year or two ago because they think I have the chest for it. I don’t think that chest is possible for anyone. My goodness. But she looks cool and she’s literally a foxy lady.

Bits and pieces everywhere in the guest room that I took over.  So much orange! So many leaves!

I had some white faux fur left over from when I helped my friend Robert become King Kazuma from the movie Summer Wars (I highly recommend!)

Available for birthday parties, Easter, and “special occasions”

…so I used them to make fox ears and a tail!

I diluted both calligraphy ink and “super black” comic ink in some water and dunked the fur in at the tips. I then dry brushed more ink to give it a ink brush gradient that was prominent in my reference pictures. Other cosplayers often didn’t have the black parts but I thought those small details really make the fur stand out.
I developed quite some respect for fursuiters since having to make the King Kazuma suit for my friend (it’s so hard! and the furries I asked were very nice to share tips), but no, I am not a furry.   I’m happy just being a fox spirit lady.