Spring! Finally.


God, it’s taken for ever for spring to finally come. But it’s here and it makes me so happy! The sun is out (sometimes) and things are green.


That’s my walk to work. Nice, isn’t it? I certainly can’t complain.

To celebrate spring (and belatedly my sister’s birthday) I am working with nice yellow yarn.


They’re going to be fingerless gloves. I’m enjoying it because I’m doing it on my sexy new knitpro needles (knitpicks in the States). They’re SO AWESOME. Totally worth the expense. They’re very smooth and light weight and the yarn just glides over them. Sorry for the ugly red and blue yarn sticking out in the photo, those are my stitch markers. I’ve decided to buy some prettier ones, so I’ll post them when they arrive.

And lastly, I had a nerdy kick and did some fan art. It’s rare for me, I usually just do life drawing, but I have this goofy “How to draw Avatar” book and was decided it’d be fun to actually do the exercise. Turned out alright.


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