Supernatural at the Paley Festival 2011

Supernatural @ Paley Fest 2011

This was our first time at the Paley Festival, although I’ve always wanted to attend one of their panels in the past. When I found out that Supernatural was coming back to the festival (and on a weekend!), I rounded up fellow Supernatural fan (and Defective Geeker), Gizzy– no way, we were going to miss out on this one. Erik Kripke, Sera Gamble, Ben Edlund, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Jim Beaver and Misha Collins were all in attendance.

Supernatural @ Paley Fest 2011

We arrived at the theater a little before 2pm and the line already wrapped around the block. I felt pretty bad for the neighborhood who had to deal with the fangirl horde, littered infront of their lawn.

Once they started letting people in, the line moved pretty fast. Gizzy and I managed to snag decent seats. We bought tickets for the orchestra rear, though to be quite honest, the people working didn’t really bother to check tickets. In theory, we could have sat closer if there had been any open seats left at the orchestra front (there wasn’t though, it was a full house).

A little rant…

Mostly, the people working at the theater seemed to be more concerned about enforcing the No-Flash-Photography rule. Even I got yelled at to turn off my flash… and I didn’t have the flash on my DSLR the whole time. Seemed like certain Paley or Saban employees were a little over-eager and were a little borderline rude. I wanted to shove my camera to his face and say, “look, motherfucker, my camera PHYSICALLY has NO flash on it!” Especially since he stood there for a whole minute ordering me to turn off my non-existant flash. Sigh. It’s always something, I swear… end rant.

Before the show started, Gizzy and I sat around for the whole hour before the show started at 3pm. There was a bar and we shared a whisky sour in honor of the show. I confess, I haven’t eaten anything all day at this point and having Jack Daniels first thing was probably not a good idea. I know. I’m pretty metal like that.

My photos didn’t turn out too well as I am not photography expert and the lighting was quite tricky. Video and photo taking wasn’t forbidden though and there are plenty of great footage that have already surfaced.

Highlights for me include:

A preview clip of the upcoming new episode that will air on April 15, when Dean and Sam are sent back in time to become cowboys. I am looking forward to it!

Jensen and Jared discussing soul-less Sam and how it affected them as actors. Jensen revealed how he was taken out of his comfort zone and all the awkwardness that Dean felt was a reflection of his own. He says that since Jared was playing a different Sam, he couldn’t play the same Dean either because all the tools he had been using to be Dean for the past 5 seasons were basically taken away. It is a cool insight on how playing the same character for many years as an actor can really integrate with you as a whole.

Jared and Jensen discussing how they thought Misha was so strange during his first few days on stage. Jensen commented on how when Misha first started doing his Castiel-voice, he turned to the film crew and mouthed: “what the hell is he doing?” and “….Did he audition?”

Jared added that he would walk with Jensen back to their trailers and when they see Misha, they would nudge each other and whisper, “look, look… I think he’s in character.”

The general first impression on Misha was: “really nice!…but he’s strange! But you know, he’s strange!”

Erik Kripke dominated the stage for the most part and I really saw his sense of humor this time around. Gizzy commented on how you could see where the show’s comedic inspirations were based on.

Kim Manners was mentioned and Kripke said he is hoping that Kim was with them at the moment. It was a very sweet sentiment.

When an audience member asked if there will ever be a regular female character in the show who will not be in danger of getting killed off, Sera Gamble artfully and indirectly answered the question with a “well we kill off everyone…” answer. She failed to realize that despite the fact that all the main male characters have all died, most of them come back. The women generally stayed dead. RIP Jo and Ellen.

Check out the rest of my video clips!

For more detailed reports, please check out SuperWiki’s Paley page, or the ontd_spnparty on livejournal. also has great backstage photos and interviews.

At the end of the panel, everybody rushed to the front of the stage, of course. The actors didn’t have time to mingle with their fans, unfortunately, because they had to catch a flight back to Vancouver to continue filming the show. Despite the lack of photo or autograph opportunity for us slobbering fans, Gizzy and I enjoyed the panel! It is always nice to see the actors and the creators discuss the show. It is nice to realize that they really do care about the series, but at the same time, they can’t really take themselves all too seriously.

Supernatural @ Paley Fest 2011

Check out the rest of my photos on my flickr gallery!

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