Stitch and Craft Fair

Yesterday I went to the London Stitch and Craft Fair. I’ve never been before. It was pretty easy to get to, although, some of the underground was closed for maintenance.


It was a packed house! We had trouble getting through the first floor. The major crafts represented were cross stitch, paper craft (card making and such) and knitting. But, unfortunately, the knitting wasn’t as well represented as I would have hoped.


The really popular paper craft was decoupage. There were some amazing examples. I really want a giant giraffe in my house.


It was pretty standard cross stitch stuff, but there were a few really amazing things, like this 3D house and….


Firefly! This was Mr X Stitch’s stall, who is really nice, go check him out here. He had loads of amazing pieces. I wish I’d taken more photos, but my phone was dying.

And then there was the knitted art! So many amazing pieces. There were some crazy tea cozies and some real master pieces:



Overall, it was ok. I think I’d go again, but just with the mind to see cool things, not really to make any big yarn purchases.

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