The Travel Bug: Here I Come England!

I am incredibly excited to finally be making my way to the United Kingdom. In all my traveling days, I’ve never been to Europe. I am so excited! Most of all, Defective Geek’s co-founder, Pilbeam, has been living in England since we graduated from high school. For years, I’ve made promises to visit her and she had consistently ordered me to do it. Finally, the day has come! This coming Wednesday, I will be flying to London and I am bursting with anticipation.

I am mostly packed and working on minimizing the clothing I am bringing. It is hard because I am preparing for the cold and need to bring layers! Mostly, the weight of my suitcase is due to the amount of candy I am bringing for Pilbeam and her boyfriend’s enjoyment.

My two weeks vacation will be jam-packed. We will be going to Edinburgh, Scotland where I will be getting my fill of castles. Then we’ll be in Bristol, Bath, the Stonehenges and we will spend the last few days in London. Mostly a lot of sightseeing, but there will hopefully new food to taste and some shopping in between. I am currently taking requests for cute Scottish/English boys wrapped in bows to take home to my California girl friends. I’ll do my best to capture some, ladies.

As for the podcast…

I will be doing at least one podcast while I am in England and it will be with Pilbeam as our co-host! We will get a chance to hear her story to geek-dom and her other pursuits. I am hoping we can do a second one to keep the regular schedule going, but I can not make promises. I will just have to do my best.

Otherwise, I will mostly likely not have time to update the blog while I am out there, but I will come home with plenty of photos to share. Fortune Cookie has promised a slew of new blog posts during the time I am absent, so look forward to it! Maybe even Gizzy will show herself again around here ;)

Again, thank you for reading our blogs. I hope you are all doing well. :)


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