#prayforjapan at Japan LA 3-17-11

Japan is a source of inspiration that has  captured the imaginations of artists for centuries.   One can safely say that art would not have been the same without Japanese influence (really who would want to look at Van Gogh’s paintings if they were all like his early dreary ones?).

Its pull has only become stronger in modern times as technology furthers the evolution of artistic expression. It seems appropriate enough that artists would roll up their sleeves and give back to the country that acts as their muse.  In just a few days, there were many events across the globe that sought to bring artists together to create amazing shows of solidarity.

I attended the opening night of the #prayforjapan art fundraiser event at JapanLA; a trendy “pop culture” shop in Los Angeles.   The show was curated by Caro of Sweet Streets and organized by Bubble Punch. All of the sales and donations went to the Red Cross to help with the Japanese earthquake and tsunami victims.

I had a little bit of a dilemma that day since I wanted to go see my boyfriend before the show at 7pm but he had to leave at 3pm for work. So I spent those extra four hours in Little Tokyo with my friend Lauren. I also did karaoke alone. It’s actually kind of cool to be able to do all my songs for once!

After that, I made my way from downtown LA to Melrose and somehow managed to find a parking spot on the cool-but-always-crowded street close to Japan LA. I scampered inside to be greeted with catchy J-pop music and mountains of Japanese merchandise in front of the main exhibition area.

Japan’s unique and wide take on art –  from brush paintings to anime –  was infused into each piece in different ways.  The walls were covered in everything from brightly colored “kawaii” prints and depictions of fancy  to scenes of everyday life and  down-to-earth wood carvings.

A variety of artwork.

Some Japanese-inspired outfits.

I ran into our friend MissTea! Surprise!

I purchased this lovely piece by Yume Ninja of Bubble Punch! I loved its sassy and cute nature. And it was covered in glitter. J

Of course I had to get a picture with her.

There was a raffle for some fabulous prizes but I had to get going since it was getting late and it was a long drive back home.

But not before I snagged some fries from the Frysmith Truck! CALORIES.

In this fast-paced age, there is not a moment to lose when it comes to drumming up support to help our global neighbors. Everyone involved in the show and its organization are super stars for putting this all together so quickly and for showing their strong support through such vibrant means.

Donate to the Japanese Red Cross
ARK – Animal Refuge Kansai


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