Are We RECording?

Three days ago I get a text from Dianne that says, “Sooooo I sent a request for HitRECord at the Movies tomorrow. If I get tickets would you be interested to come?” My response was somewhere in the “fuck yeah!” department and about an hour later I get another text that says, “Awww shit. We gots the tickets!”

HitRECord at the Movies

Next thing I know, it’s Saturday night and we’re waiting in line at the Vista. To be honest Dianne and I didn’t really know what to expect. We’re both familiar with the website, so we knew if anything it would be a unique experience. Once we got inside and found ourselves some seats, we nearly died from our own curiosity and impatience. Finally, the lights dimmed and so started a journey down the crossing roads of creativity and collaboration.

For those of you who don’t know, HitRECord is a site dedicated to artistic collaboration. People like you and I can join, post our ideas, creations, and collaborate with others (this video explains it much more eloquently). HitRECord is run by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and last year it became a “professional open collaborative production company.” I’m actually a member of the site myself, but I’ve always been too shy to post anything!

HitRECord at the Movies

The evening started off with Mr. Gordon-Levitt himself going through the crowd and recording with his own camera. Needless to say, the crowd went wild and admittedly Dianne and I were clapping like crazy people because we’re also fans of JGL in general. He introduced himself and explained how the collaboration on HitRECord works.

HitRECord at the Movies


Something about this event I particularly loved was the audience participation. JGL would have volunteers from the audience read excerpts from The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories and have others record the reader and then upload their videos onto computers set up in the back of the theater. Even during this event collaborations were occuring. Also, one of the people who read was the awesome Alex Borstein! That was a neat little treat.

Short films were shown, including the wonderful “Morgan and Destiny” shorts.

Morgan and Destiny’s Eleventeenth Date: The Zeppelin Zoo

JGL actually did the narration in the theater while we watched, which made it even more enjoyable. Also, I am now adopting the term “dastardly dipstick” because it is a fabulous insult.

This following short is a personal favorite. It’s haunting with its words, music, and visuals.

and a new earth

Two of the wonderful “Tiny Stories” shared with us.

This following picture is of a current collaboration that’s creating a world and stories about different types of shadows. Dianne and I both loved this one.

HitRECord at the Movies

HitRECord at the Movies
JGL discussing favorite movie memories with his agent and the theater manager.

At one point volunteers were needed to sing a pretty tune that was dreamt by a member of HitRECord. Here’s a video of this live action collaboration.

I was really impressed with the fact that we weren’t expected to just sit down, put up our feet, and watch. The event itself was an opportunity to collaborate and participate, even if that meant simply recording on our own cameras. In all honestly I found it to be really inspiring. Many of the creations that we were shown were quite remarkable and JGL’s enthusiasm for the site and the act of artistic creation was infectious.

HitRECord at the Movies
Yours truly
HitRECord at the Movies
Miss Dianne with some tiny stories ;)

It turns out our one expectation was right on the mark. HitRECord at the Movies was a unique experience. During our drive home Dianne and I talked about projects that we had either forgotten about or given up on. After seeing all of the different short films and “tiny stories” I couldn’t help but feel inspired. It made me think of projects I had to put to the side either because of school, work, or circumstances in general. Also, I realized I need to grow a pair and finally start contributing to the site!

HitRECord at the Movies was a great time. There were films, live performances, and JGL was a great and lively host. I’ll end this post with a quote that was shared during the show and I think defines the spirit of HitRECord:

“The universe is not made of atoms, it’s made of tiny stories.”

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