ART: Frankenstein and His Bride

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A few days ago, I offered cheap watercolor commissions to my twitter followers. Only one person jumped at the offer, but that’s okay, because it was no other than Steve Niles! He said he collects artwork of Frankenstein and his Bride. This idea immediately popped in my mind and I did a couple of sketches of it.

I like how the final piece turned out. I’m glad to have had the excuse to take some time and break out the watercolors! I also did something I’ve never done before and filmed myself while I was painting. I edited and sped the video up to share with you. Hope it’s not too boring and I apologize for the crappy lighting in my room. I really do need to get a drawing lamp badly. Yikes.

I’m still available for cheap commissions (and I’m down for trades too!), so if anyone else is interested, hit me up!

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  • Gizzy

    I adore this. Stop being so amazing!

    • Space Pirate Queen

      Aw shucks, thank you <3

  • Rachael

    That is AWESOME and I missed your Tweet so I am going to hit you up about art for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <3

    • Space Pirate Queen

      Thanks! Let’s do an art trade!

  • Wholia

    Love this!! I’m glad you’re taking time out to do some art. I know Lisa was always buggin you to do more.

  • derJOgelle

    Are you on deviantart?
    Here’s a little Frankenstein’s Bride drawng of mine, plus Speed drawing video: