The Gamer’s Girlfriend

He calls me the back seat gamer. “Honey, why are you going that way? Honey, why did you do that? I think it’d work best if you jumped onto that ledge, shoot that thing down and then push that over. Honey, you just got killed. Play better. And then ask me if I wanted to play and I’d say, “No no, it’s okay. You do your thing.”

I am definitely a back seat gamer. Given the wheel, I’d drive off the cliff. A few days ago I decided to play Portal 2 co-op with my fiance. WTF. I have to use both of the analog sticks to move? Ugh! I suck at this. Eventually I found myself spinning my robot in circles looking at the ceiling… On purpose. Granted I still can’t walk a straight line, but it’s pretty fun to make portals on opposite walls and run through them in a constant loop. I’m better off in the back seat! I can help solve the puzzles and it’s best I just didn’t drive.

I have always stuck to RPGs, puzzles and strategy games. When it came to first person shooters or in this case, using BOTH analog sticks… No dice. First off, I get easily motion sick. LAME.

Dizzy by David Scheirer of Tuesday Comic

And secondly, I just plain suck at that kind of mechanics. There might be some exceptions… Maybe. I just can’t think of any at the moment. Katamari Damacy! Not an exception. It’s a double whammy! Okay, I may have some what better control of the ball, but the hell if I can stay stable enough to get through a stage without barfing up my tonkatsu chicken dinner! Okay, no, I don’t eat tonkatsu chicken, everyday. Maybe two days ago.

So, I’m usually sitting on the couch, right beside my fiance, during every game he’s ever played this past year and a half. Let me tell you this, there was a hell of a lot. Too many for me to remember, but ask him and he’ll name each one, and each one I played back seat. I think Portal 2 was the only game that he didn’t mind my back seat gaming. Two minds and two sets of eyes definitely helped to get through this game. Not to mention how good it feels when I figure out part of the puzzle that he didn’t get right away or didn’t even notice. Yes, it feels sooooo good, especially when he’s the, quote un-quote, gamer. I really can’t get anything by him. He’s listening to game podcasts 24/7 while playing a game. He’s playing one as I type this up!

Portal 2 by Valve

All I can do is notice the little things he doesn’t see. Point out a few things he could/should do differently. Even if he gets upset. But at the end of the game, who’s an awesome fiance for sitting next to him through the 24+ hours of game play a week? Me, that’s who. I’m the gamer’s girlfriend.

Next time, maybe I’ll talk about one of the games I back seat played.


Peace out!

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