Webcomic Review: The Beast Legion

Lithopia… a land of immense natural beauty ruled by the covenant of Kings of the Minos faction for centuries. But not too long ago, the land was under the threat of a dark force known as the Shadow Nexus. It was the brave efforts of King Vokan and the last of the Wizards that banished the evil force and brought peace and prosperity back to the land…

The Beast Legion introduces us into a fantasy world that includes a hero, a villain and a kingdom in peril. The beginning chapter lays down the world of Lithopia, a world governed by the kindhearted King Vokan and his queen who feared a prophecy that involves the future of her only son, Xeus (still a boy at this point). The story quickly spirals into action and the creator and the villain, Lord Dragos, is revealed by the end of the first issue. Without spoiling the opening too much, by the third issue Xeus is a grown man and his fate is fight and win back his kingdom from Dragos’ evil rule.

The title refers to the fact that these human characters can transform into an anthropomorphic beast counterpart during battle.

The creator, Jazyl Homavazir, is heavily influenced by shounen manga with his artwork style and favors action and battle sequences to move the story. A lot of the supporting characters are non-human creatures raging from orc-like soldiers, beautiful and mythical like creatures and to full on monsters. Personally, these beings are my favorite part of the series and Homavazir draws so many unique creatures within the first four chapters. I was very much drawn to their character designs. Homavazir doesn’t classify all of his monsters as evil either which I think is a very good choice and will play an important part in Xeus’ adventure. Readers are meant to sympathize along with Xeus who finds unexpected alliances with some of these monsters.

Despite the heavy manga style, a lot of it is also reminiscent of American comics and cartoons. The story and design reminds me of early cartoons from my childhood such as He-Man, Thundercats and even a little bit of Sonic the Hedgehog and Megaman. Homavazir produces a fresh mix of story telling and art style that can appeal to today’s younger comic readers and to people like myself who has a fondness for this style of fantasy and adventure stories.

This webcomic is a good and fast read. There is rarely any lulls between pages and action is never scarce. Best of all, it is all available for free to read on The Beast Legion website and is updated on Mondays and Fridays each week.

Homavazir has also produced animated videos, so check them out for extra coolness-factor. This guy is certainly dedicated to his series and hard at work to deliver a full experience for his readers and fans.

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