Queen Amidala Pattern

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Hey crochet-peeps!

I’ve written up a pattern for the Queen Amidala I made. It’s available as a pdf HERE.

It’s the first pattern I have ever written, so please send feedback or ask questions! Email to defectivegeeks AT gmail DOT com

If you don’t know how to crochet, now is the perfect time to learn! There are a ton of great youtube videos that can get you started. Support your local independent yarn stores! They might even have classes.

Disclosure: I’m not associated with Lucasarts or anything, this is just for fun, don’t use this for making money!

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  • Karen

    Nice work!

  • Sherri

    She’s adorable and a great first pattern. I’ll have to try my hand at this one :)

  • http://olisushi.blogspot.com Oly

    amazing! thanks for the pattern, I will made it (one day…) =)

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  • sheene

    thanks for sharing! really cool ami!

  • Carla Leendertse

    This is so beautiful, it looks very simple but it just appeals very much.

  • Dtpitbull

    Sent at 1:07 PM Today
    I was wondering what your policy was about selling completed items from your patterns. My family is opening an etsy store and I wanted to check with you before I did anything. We will gladly give you the credit for the patterns.Thanks Michelle

    • Pilbeam

      Thanks for asking! As I said in the blog, I don’t have any association with Lucasarts, so I can’t actually condone the pattern being used for sale purposes. Sorry!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/stephanie.woodland.58 Stephanie Woodland

    I have been looking for free Star Wars crochet patterns and this is BEAUTIFUL! I have pinned it to my Pinterest account, and I have no idea how to add your name to give you credit. I am not computer savvy, so you can find it by searching my name, or maybe you have a magical way to track where it went…I am at a loss

    • http://www.facebook.com/stephanie.woodland.58 Stephanie Woodland

      oh yeah, I am making these for my son, and not for profit.

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