Let’s Eat! : OC Fair 2011

Half of the Southern Californian nerds flocked to Comic Con two weeks ago and the majority of the ones who stayed in their metaphorical basements were stocking every media outlet for Comic Con happenings in real time. NOT ME! I wasn’t going to stay at home and be passively jealous of Gizzy and the Space Pirate Queen being important. NOT THAT I CARE OR ANYTHING. *sniff*

The weather was freaking fabulous and I wasn’t going to waste the perfect mid 70s/low 80s day. The rest of the nation is in a massive heat wave. They would KILL to be able to be outside. So I went out to the annual Orange County Fair at the Costa Mesa Fairgrounds.

The fair has a rich history going back more than a century, providing a temporary venue where the whole community could come together in ways that are both inspiring and humbling.  The talent showcased in the exhibitions blew me away and getting the rare chance to look into agriculture was amazing. It’s important to have exposure to farming and food especially when Americans are dependent on the 3% of the population that do devote their lives to feeding the rest of us. If we spend our entire lives eating food, we might as well invest time to learn about it and the proper process.

Speaking of food, this yea’s theme is “Let’s Eat!” and by golly, there were boatloads of food.

Everywhere you looked, there was a kitschy food stand with obscene amounts of artery-clogging fair fare. 90% is fried. The other 10% is most likely a diabetic nightmare.   But it’s expected at a fair, right? For those of drinking age, there are two areas where you can sample many sorts of alcohol. I kind of wished that there was a fresh fruits stand or vegetable sampling booths but c’est la vie.

There was a gardening area though and that made me happy.

Vince and I got to try some fried Kool-Aid (dough with Kool-Aid mixed in), which wasn’t all too great. We also got a bunch of fried zucchini.

The WORST mistake our group made was purchasing a chocolate-dipped corndog with sprinkles. I didn’t eat it but just tasting a dab of the chocolate made me want to hurl.

For the young and young at heart with empty stomachs and full wallets, the rides looked like a lot of fun! We didn’t go since we decided to eat before and no one wanted to barf after a gut-jostling run on the rollercoaster.


The best part of the fair for me was getting to see the farm animals! I’m such a kid at heart.

We also saw the Alaskan pig races. They’re a lot of fun and you will be amazed by how amped the crowd gets over the porcine racers. Also the workers there will hand out coupons for free bacon.

Vince wanted to see White Mountain, the 6’10″ bull/steer after we saw him peeking over the divide in his private barn thing.

The Ice Sculpture exhibit was pretty neat and a brief reprieve from the heat outside. Brief since I got really cold in about five seconds.  We ventured back over for a live ice carving demonstration by the Chainsaw Chicks and the Ice Queen. It was awesome watching them chisel and dremel their creations in under 15 minutes.

There are many music venues at the fair as well. We didn’t buy tickets for that day’s concert, but there was plenty of performance talent on the open air stages. The Peking Acrobatics performances are my favorite every year. It’s a treat and a tribute to the capabilities of the human body.

All in all, it was a great way to spend a Saturday with friends while everyone else was down at Comic-Con. It distracted me from my jealousy and I got plenty of fresh air!

The fair runs until August 15th and runs daily from 10am to midnight. If you go on the weekend by 11am, you can get in for $2 instead of $11.  Bring the friends and family and remember your sunscreen and hats!

Check their website for schedules and promotions. There is also a free iPhone app for the fair as well. Itt s pretty neat.

More pictures

OC Fair 2011 Website

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