X-Files Reunion: Gillian Anderson & David Duchovny Raise Money For Charity

When IBG Inc. announced that Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny (with special guest, Chris Carter) were having a “reunion” in order to raise money for charity, I was besides myself with excitement. The X-Files was my childhood sci-fi/geek love and I still consider it my most favorite television series of all time. Unfortunately, I was too young to venture off to the conventions during the mid-90s and thus, missed out on all the fandom fun. There was no question that I would attend this event and the fact that all the money went to charity just made it better.

Official photo from IBG Inc.

IBG Inc. is a non-profit campaign that raises money for various charities through the arts. This particular conversation series held on July 30, 2011, with the X-Files stars benefited SA-YES and raised over $30,000+!

We were allowed to take non-flash photos during the panel but the room was so ridiculously dimly lighted that there was no way to take proper photos. I did end up just taking notes while Anderson, Duchovny and Carter were on stage. Here are some of the highlights from their conversations.

My boyfriend and I arrived a little late to the panel and missed about the first ten minutes. We entered the room to find Duchovny and Anderson already on stage with Anderson reading questions from a piece of paper. A lot of the questions Duchovny waved off which caused a comedic awkwardness when Anderson couldn’t get him to talk or elaborate on anything. They eventually warmed up and the conversation picked up steam. They giggled as they recalled filming the X-Files pilot (Duchovny called Anderson “adorable!” at one point) and made fun of their own acting skills during that historic first episode. Duchovny even claimed that he wishes he could delete that episode entirely from the series. They gave credit to the show for teaching them to be real actors and despite rumors otherwise, seem to have fond memories of working on the show.

Anderson recalled a prank when Duchovny threw a handful of rice at her and she thought they were real maggots. At first the duo wondered why Duchovny had rice in the first place and he joked that the secret was out that he actually carried rice in his pockets whereever he went. Apparently, the rice was used on set as fake maggots in which Anderson remarked, “So they were stand-ins?!” She doubled over in laughter and cried, “I’m funny!” She was indeed, adorable.

Anderson called out Duchovny in front of everyone and asked him why she never gets invited to do a guest spot on his current television series, Californication. The audience erupted in cheers and applause since we would all be too excited to see the duo work together again. Duchovny didn’t seem to like the idea too much because he held the Mulder/Scully relationship in a special place. He told Anderson that to him, them as Mulder and Scully is the only possible relationship that they can have on screen. I got the feeling that he didn’t want to “ruin” or “taint” their famous TV partnership with a different dynamic on another non-X-Files show. Although I would love to see them work together in different roles, I could sympathize with Duchovny’s sentiments since The X-Files is such an important series for so many people.

Duchovny had to leave early because of his schedule which left Anderson and Carter together on stage for another hour. Carter revealed that a third X-Files movie has been discussed and all that is needed is the money and approval from the studios. He said he would love to release the third movie on 12/12/2012. He also said that it will be a mythology movie (for non-X-Files fans, this means that the plot will go alongside the main mythology of the television series, instead of having it be a stand alone like the second movie was) which got everyone in the room excited.

An audience member bought up the topic of someone down the line, maybe 20-years from now, taking The X-Files and reviving it into a new series with an entirely new cast. Anderson was disturbed by the idea and said that if that happened, she would be jealous and “might have to kill them.” Carter was more resigned to the possibility that it could happen in the future but was not thrilled with the idea either. Although it was hard to tell because Carter has such a calm and laid back personality.

A fan asked Anderson what kind of advice she would give a younger Anderson. She replied with, “To not worry so much. To trust more. To trust life and how life unfolds. I love that saying that youth is wasted on the young. My experience is that I appreciate how precious life is the older we get. Especially when see people passing around you. When I was younger, I didn’t realize the choices I had… it didn’t occur to me that I could sit back and living as a white person in America, the opportunities I had… I wished someone had told me: how lucky you are.”

Other highlights:

A fan asked Anderson how she felt about the portrayal of Scully in the X-Files porn parody to which the actress almost leapt out her chair because she had never seen the porn parody. Carter affirmed that it had been made to which she replied with, “I need to get me some of that!”

Carter said that if he had the chance to put Anderson and Duchovny in a different duo roles he would have them play Lucy and Ricky  (from I Love Lucy).

I felt very lucky to be an older X-Files fan and have the opportunity to see these three people interact with each other again. It was also nice to have them hold the show in high regards still and seem to have no problems at the thought of revisiting their roles in new movies… fingers crossed!

For more information on IBG Inc. and to purchase a DVD copy from this event, please visit their website at www.IBGInc.org.


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