SDCC 2011, More Press Rooms: Supernatural

Just dialing it back a little and wrapping up more San Diego Comic Con 2011 blogs here. I guess I didn’t write about attending the Supernatural room for the LA Weekly website. By whatever miracle I managed to drag myself out of bed early that Sunday morning and made it in time to the press room at 9:30am.

SDCC 2011, Supernatural Press Room

In case you guys didn’t realize this yet– I’m a big ol’ Supernatural fangirl. Not in the scary way (I don’t think) but in the I LOVE THIS SHOW SO F***ING MUCH IT’S THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER IN MY LIFE kind of way. Well. I suppose that could be the ‘scary way’ too. Uh… yeah. Moving on.

My point is it was kind of a blessing that I was too exhausted by Sunday to freak out because normal me would have been crying in a corner from nervousness. Which almost happened the last two times we went to the Salute to Supernatural conventions. (See Supernatural Vancouver Con and Supernatural in LA, Day 2 posts).

I remained in a tired but professional daze for the whole hour. I was directed to join a table at almost the far end of the room. Not as formal as STARZ who printed our names and publication on the table so I really did not know who the other people were from at my table. They were all nice and cool fans though so it was a good group.

This time, with the help of Gypsy’s list of questions she sent me in advance, I did ask at least one question per person we had. Again, unlike STARZ who timed every thing perfectly, the Warner Brothers room was not as strictly scheduled. The advantage is that we got to talk to the cast member a little longer than normal but the disadvantage is that we didn’t get to have a turn with everybody. We did talk to Ben Edlund, Sera Gamble, Mark Sheppard and Jared Padalecki. No Jensen, no Jim, no Misha. Sad face. Jensen, especially, got caught up with the camera interviews. I would have loved to have been able to sit down with Misha Collins though– he’s always interesting.

It was still an awesome experience to be able to talk to them in a much more intimate setting. The Warner Bros. team did their best and were very sweet to all of us. I really have no complaints whatsoever! I realize that I am so super lucky as a general fan of the show to have gotten this opportunity. I would definitely do it again if they let me back in that room next year. Ahem.

SDCC 2011, Supernatural Press Room

My favorite exchange with Mark involved him making a comment about how the ‘boys’ (Jensen and Jared) were ‘easy to the eyes’ and had looked at us females specifically for confirmation.

I jokingly said, “I watch for the story.”

He turned to me. “You watch for the story?” he asked, wryly. “The one you wrote in your head?”

SDCC 2011, Supernatural Press Room

Jared answered our questions quite intently and it’s just nice to hear him talk about his character and the series without sounding tired of all of it yet. He was very funny still and managed to work in a booger analogy somehow in our conversation.

That’s Padalecki for you.

SDCC 2011, Supernatural Press Room

SDCC 2011, Supernatural Press Room

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