Lady Geek Spotlight: Louanne ‘Scarlett’ Ojeda, Nerd Mom from the House of Gryffindor

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Scarlett and I am an honor roll making, JK Rowling worshipping, wand carrying, nerd t-shirt and slacks with Converse wearing, book reading, WoW playing,Wizard Wrock listening, geek blog following, comic book hoarding, fangirl squeeing, Facebook loving, convention attending, antique collecting, bookshelf breaking, recycle bag using, list making, non-stop talking, gummy worm eating, The Guild watching spoiled nerdfighter ex-cheerleader :D haha That last part probably has you a bit confused. So, please, allow me to explain.

Point 1: In junior high and high school, I DID make the Honor Roll. I was in Future Scholars of America and made the Dean’s List my senior year. I started cheerleading pop warner at my aunt and uncle’s request (meaning they paid) and in 10th grade, I cheered for my school. This made it easy for me to have nerd and non-nerd friends alike and integrate them as much as possible and have some people actully thinking I’m cool. Awesome

Point 2: JK Rowling is like a GODDESS to me! Harry Potter has pretty much taken over my entire life. I went to LeakyCon in July, bought a wand, went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and got chosen at Ollivander’s!! I’m a self-proclaimed Gryffindor and when I talk, it usually has some sort of HP reference. Example: I wish I could go visit Ashley today. It sucks that I’m out of Floo Powder!!

Point 3: Every day to work, I wear some sort of nerd-related t-shirt with my slacks and I wear Chuck Taylor’s to complete the outfit. I am rarely without my LeakyCon and balance bracelets (cuz I fall a lot) and they make great conversation starters.

Point 4: I love books. And I read as many of them as possible. And I can’t write a book review cuz I usually only buy GOOD books. And nobody wants to hear me say how much I love a book 10,000 times. Ooh and I don’t SHARE my books. Not usually. I am greedy cuz I don’t want people to mess up my books. I restrict my sharing to family members only. I know that probably makes you hate me but when you start putting YOUR first Harry Potter book in a plastic baggie, you can say what you like about me.

I also pre-order them online with my mommy’s credit card cuz I’m not allowed to own one. Or I’d be in millions of dollars in debt. >.<

Point 5: I play World of Warcraft. Don’t judge me. RPGs are my THING!! WoW is kinda new for me. Been playing for almost a year and I’m STILL not level 85. Had to take a hiatus. Playing every night made me gain 10lbs. No more skipping workouts to play. But if you have played. you know how easy it is to get addicted. I love it. Undead Frost Mage FTW!

Point 6: I listen to Wizard Wrock and if you’ve never heard of it before, Google it. If you love Harry Potter, then you’ve probably heard of it before. If you don’t love Harry Potter, I’m sorry. Wizard Wrock is so awesome. I have a CD in my car and I play it every time I get in. I make my husband and my kids listen to it. I feel bad until I hear them singing. And then, it’s time to get loud :)

Point 7: I follow a ton of geek blogs. I troll the internet and tumblr for my favorite geeky blog and then I read, read, read. And I usually laugh and say stuff out loud like “ZOMG! That’s so ME” or “See? THIS is what I’m saying!” even though no-one is around to hear me. But that does not stop me. In fact, sometimes I use a British accent just because.

my bounty from Free Comic Book Day (one of my fave days).

Point 8: I collect comic books. I hoard them. I love them. I read them so fast but I like them anyway. And I have more than a few signed ones. I usually get them signed locally but I was lucky enough to have my graphic novel signed by <3 Felicia Day <3 thanks to a family member. I told him about the signing and sent him 2 copies of the #1 comic and he bought the graphic novels and had them all signed. Needless to say, I cherish them all but those are my fave. Recently, I bought the new Strawberry Shortcake reboot with the scratch n’ sniff cover and made everyone sniff it. Cuz it smells like STRAWBERRIES, yo. I can’t stop smelling it. Sorry.

Point 9: Trolling the internet helps me fangirl.As does Twitter. It’s like stalking but it’s LEGAL! And I can fangirl all OVER my obsessions and it’s socially acceptable!!! Who’d of thunk it?!?!?

Point 10: I love Facebook. I’m on it every day and it fulfills my need for attention. It happens when you’re the middle child. In my case, I’m the middle girl and then I have a little brother. But still. It counts. LOVE meeeeeee!!!

Point 11: I’m new to cons and I’m that person that cosplays no one you know. I went to a Wizard World ComicCon in my town and cosplayed as Talia from The 6th Day and had to explain my costume to EVERYONE.  I did it because I LIKE her and I don’t CARE if you know her or not. That’s just me. Blue wig and all :)

Point 12: I collect antiques and have filled my whole house with them. When people come over, they say my house is “cozy”. I have nicknamed my house “The Burrow” (another HP reference) because that is what I have strived for my house to look like. I wish I could magick all those add-ons so my boys would stop whining about how they want their own rooms. And I wouldn’t have to do dishes again. Ever.

My room is a different story. It’s like a shrine to nerdness. I have loads of toys :)

Point 13: I broke my bookshelf. I’ve overloaded it with books and cool stuff and broke it. The ONLY thing holding it up at this point IS the books. Kind of ironic. Must have that fixed. ASAP >.<

Point 14: I use recycle bags whenever possible. And I try to buy cool ones. Like my Pirates of the Carribean one. So I recycle AND look cool.

Point 15: I love to make list. To-do lists, to-buy lists, reasons why I’m a geek lists. When I was younger, I once made a list of every movie I’ve ever seen. It was PAGES long and I probably didn’t even list every movie I’d seen. I’ve never told anyone. Never repeat this.

Point 16: I do NOT stop talking. Unless I’m engrossed in a book or a game or a blog, I’m usually talking and telling people about my nerd girl obsessions. I kinda feel like it’s my DUTY to educate others on all things nerd cuz I think they’re FABULOUS! When I talk, most people get that spaced out look in their eye like they’re hearing me but not really cuz they’re wishing I would stop talking and daydreaming about Cancun. But I don’t care. I keep talking. So if you’re in my vicintiy and you strike up a conversation with me, be prepared. I WILL non-stop talk, I MIGHT interrupt you a few times and I CAN make a question into a monlogue. It’s a talent :)

Point 17: I eat gummy worms. And like them. Enough said.

Point 18: I watch The Guild. I watch it online and on my Xbox and I recently made my hubby start watching it with me. And this is actually an awesome story. See, the new season just now came out and I asked my hubby to download it for me so I could watch it when I get home. So he did cuz he loves me and he spoils me but that’s a story for another time. So I get home and we end up watching the whole first season cuz I want to get my hubby into it. My 8-year old decides he wants to watch it too and gets upset when we stop after Season 1. So he goes to his room and watches EVERY episode on his xbox and plays “Do You Want to Date my Avatar?” over and over and gets my 3-year old singing it too. All he wants to talk about now is Codex and The Guild. So, a week later, I’m watching Eureka and Felicia Day is on it and my son comes in and sees her and says “It’s Codex!” and sits down to watch it with me. I am loving this so I tweet about it the following day. And it’s something to the effect of I just love when my 8-year old sees me watching #Eureka and says “It’s Codex” and I tag Felicia Day in it so she’ll see it and she FAVORITES it!!!!! ZOMG!!! You’d think I’d fangirl squeeed myself silly at LeakyCon but I was SOOOOOO excited about this!! I took a picture of the email and posted it on Facebook and showed it to my son and then he fanboy squeeed! *sigh* I have NEVER had a prouder moment. Except maybe when he was born. But that was forever ago.

Point 19: I’m a nerdfighter. I’m on the ning and I fangirl over Hank and John. I’ve made some nerdfighter cards to stick in books and, yesterday, I got some nerd ink. I got DFTBA (don’t forget to be awesome) tattood on the inside of my right wrist. Which is kinda making it hard to move my mouse right now. But I love it. Nerdfighters don’t fight nerds. We fight suck and hope that awesome prevails.

And, last but NEVER least, Point 20: I’m the proud wife of a closet nerd (sorry I outed you, babe) and the proud mother of 3 gamers. My boys are 12, 8 and 3 and they make me proud everyday. Not just with their gaming skills but with everything they do…especially the nerd stuff.

Being a geek girl is my whole life. I could never be anything else and the people that know me best thinks it’s cool that I can be THIS geeky and not try to hide it. Anyways, it’s not like I could. My whole outfit is geek. From my glasses down to my Winnie the Pooh socks :) Be proud, geek girls. We’ve FINALLY achieved greatness. <3

Me and Hank Green at LeakyCon! NERDFIGHTERS!!

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