CONTEST: Your Geek Summer

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As promised, we are giving away a few cool items we picked up from San Diego Comic Con last month. You guys ready to win some COOL STUFF?

FIRST PRIZE PACK: A signed copy of Wolves by Becky Cloonan + Misc. Comic Con Swag

SECOND PRIZE PACK: A signed postcard of the Devil Inside by Dennis Calero and Todd Stashwick + A copy of The Guild: Tinkerbella comic book issue (not signed) + Misc. Comic Con Swag

For those of you who missed out on all the random, free stuff they were giving away at Comic Con– here is your chance. ;)

We will pick TWO different winners!


1) LIKE our Facebook group:

2) On our facebook wall, write a post and answer this question:

What did you do during your Geek Summer?

Your answer can be real or you can make it up completely or a mix of both— either way, be super creative! Have fun with it. Amuse us. Make us laugh or make us cry… or make us think! And yes, we are only taking entries on Facebook for this giveaway (sorry for non-FBers! We’ll have more giveaways that doesn’t require Facebook). Your answer can be as long as facebook allows you to write on our wall.

3) Leave a comment on this blog entry with your Facebook name and an e-mail where we can contact you when you win. Also, let us know which prize pack you would prefer to win.

4) Make sure you follow steps 1-3 or else your entry will not count.


JUDGES CHOICE: The Space Pirate Queen, Pilbeam, Gizzy and Fortune Cookie will be the judges. We will pick one winner with the most creative answer.

VOTERS CHOICE: Whoever gets the highest amount of LIKES on their answers on our facebook wall will win! Get your friends, family, pets, etc. to come in and LIKE your answer!

CONTEST ENDS: Thursday, August, 25th 2011 at Midnight, Pacific Time.

Good luck, geeks! 

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  • Ian Irizarry

    I just entered the contest on your Facebook wall with my real name, Ian Irizarry. I’d love to win the First Prize Pack. Thanks!

  • Steve Goodyear

    Contest = entered

  • Wallace Organ

    Prize Pack #2 please :)

  • Ryan Calimlim

    I entered this TOtally rad contest, i LOVE becky Cloonan!

  • Stephanie Casey-Stevens

    I would loooove the second prize package. :)

  • Jorge Murcia

    I am diggin the 2nd prize. =)

  • Louanne Ojeda

    My FB name is Louanne Barajas Ojeda and my email is

    I’m digging prize pack #1 cuz I want to WIN, yo!! ;)

  • Jenny Mabee

    My FB name is Jenny Macbee. I love the 2nd prize.

  • Adam Whitaker

    Prize 2 please.

  • Jasmine Wang

    I entered with the name that’s my username here. Prize Pack 2 would be lovely, if possible. :)

    • Space Pirate Queen

      Hi Jasmine, don’t see your entry on our facebook. Please make sure to follow each steps!

      • Jasmine Wang


        I see my entry. It’s the 5th post down.


        • Space Pirate Queen

          We can’t see it. Make sure you didn’t set your wall post to “Friends Only” or else none of us will be able to view it.

  • Crystal Sharpe

    Entered! Thanks for the heads up on forgetting this step. Name’s the same on Facebook and email is

  • Danny Hollinger

    I entered! I used the very unique Facebook username of my name, Danny Hollinger! Creative, no? My email is Also creative! I enjoy prize pack 1, and that’s, well, kind of creative? Thanks for the contest!

  • Danny Hollinger

    Aww crap the contest ended last night! Bummer! Ah well, you could always hire me as a comic con correspondant so I can get a press pass! ;)

    • Space Pirate Queen

      We will have another contest VERY soon! Thank you for dropping by though! :)