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When a geek is offered the opportunity to be in the same room as Nathan Fillion, or as most Firefly fans would prefer to call him: The Captain, you say HELL YES! And that is what I did. After I went to the Supernatural press room on Sunday morning of San Diego Comic Con 2011, I went to the Castle press room.

SDCC 2011, Castle Press Room

This press room was held in a mysterious room… so mysterious that most of the Comic Con staffers/elites insisted that it did not exist. After ten minutes of staffers and myself looking bewildered as we checked the Comic Con map that they printed in the program book, I decided to do my own investigation and (thankfully) eventually found this invisible room.

Finally, I was seated at one of the tables and super excited to finally see Fillion in person.

SDCC 2011, Castle Press Room

Most Lady Geeks today have a crush on Fillion. How can we not? He was awesome as Captain Mal in Firefly and seemed to carry that charming personality in real life. He is so good at playing confident characters or sometimes, overly confident characters like Captain Hammer in Dr. Horrible Sing-A-Long. How can someone be so handsome and claim to be a nerd?! Still, we all want to believe that he is on our side. The nerd side.

The press room went well and most of the questions was pertinent to the show. You can read the details on my article at LA Weekly: San Diego Comic-Con 2011: Convention Favorite Nathan Fillion talks Castle.

Fillion is as charming in real life as he is on screen. He even commented on my ultra-pink point and shoot Canon camera which I had propped up on a little tripod to film with. He said my camera was “cute” and then he fiddled with my voice recorder! NEVER.WASHING.IT.EVER!

In all seriousness, he seemed like a genuinely good guy and this reflected on the entire cast members as well. Seamus Dever and Jon Huertas were also very playful and goofy. The best part: Molly Quinn, who plays Fillion’s daughter in Castle, was at the convention in a Captain Mal cosplay! It was obvious that the father-daughter relationship that they played on screen had transcended into real life. She seemed very sweet and I loved how much passion she had when she spoke about her character on the show.

SDCC 2011, Castle Press Room

I have to say that ending my convention experience with Nathan Fillion was not a bad deal. I am genuinely happy to see him be successful. He is a role model and an example of what happens when you work hard and don’t give up, despite what others viewed as “failure”– though there was nothing “fail” about Firefly. I don’t mind if we all come together and declare him the King of All Sci-Fi/Comic/etc. Nerds!

Keep on with that Captain swagger, Mister Fillion.

SDCC 2011, Castle Press Room SDCC 2011, Castle Press Room SDCC 2011, Castle Press Room SDCC 2011, Castle Press Room SDCC 2011, Castle Press Room SDCC 2011, Castle Press Room

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  • Grace Evans

    HELL. YES.
    Nathan Fillion is my hero.
    I can’t even express the happiness this post has given me… by simply being about Nathan Fillion.

    • Space Pirate Queen

      LOL yes, he brings happiness just by being alive ;]