THE FUTURE: Nike Air Mag

If you follow me on twitter or facebook and was awake at around midnight last night, you probably witnessed me freak out over this Gizmodo article: Is Nike Finally Releasing the Shoes Marty McFly Wore in Back to the Future?

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I am floored. Thrilled. THRILLED.

I was so excited that I was on the verge of either crying or throwing up. Or both.

Nothing has been ‘officially’ confirmed yet and apparently there is a party going on tonight to an “unveiling”… why was I not invited to this party?!

Check out the teaser video below. UPDATED! Video from below with a better look at the shoes!

There are several reasons why I love the Back to the Future trilogy so much. There are the obvious reasons: the movies fucking rocks. They never get old no matter how many times I re-watch them and they are always just plain out fun. I love Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly and Christopher Lloyd as professor Emmett Brown. I had a huge little girl crush on Fox for many years.

When it came down to it I love the movies because I associate it with fuzzy, happy, nostalgic childhood feelings. I remember a sunny day (probably hot since it was the Philippines but children are more impervious to weather I believe), possibly laying on my stomach and watching the movie for the first time with a cousin or two. My childhood wasn’t perfect but this was one of the memories that I have when all I remembered was feeling completely satisfied with life and impressed with what I was witnessing on the television screen. As vague as the details of that day was, the general mood have stuck with me up to now. I can’t help but feel the same happiness and ease when I watch the movie to this day.

I also watched the cartoon series and loved it. I re-watched the movie whenever I caught it on television. I begged my mother to buy the DVDs for me when it finally came out in a box set for my birthday. I had to twist arms because my mom  believed spending more than $10 on a DVD box set was a crime.

Just like every other Back to the Future fan I dream of the day when we can all zip around on hoverboards!

But for now, I am super excited to finally own a proper pair of Nike Air Mag. I can’t wait to see what tonight will reveal and will possibly be glued to all the geek blogs until an official photo is released. I have declared that I won’t care how much the shoes will cost me but I will buy a pair once it hits the sales floors. Hope I won’t be eating my own words but hey– it’ll be amazing and totally worth it! I am about to tear up now just thinking about it.

VIDEO from with a better look at the shoes!

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