CONTEST: ‘White Collar’ Prize Pack Giveaway!

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It’s been almost two months since the midseason finale of White Collar, and many of us are still recovering from that jaw-dropping cliffhanger. To help relieve the pain of waiting until next January for new episodes (sob), we’re giving away some seriously awesome White Collar swag!

Check it out:

1) ‘White Collar’ Season 1 and 2 on DVD
2) Custom ‘White Collar’ nylon bag
3) Jack Spade wallet

Wanna know how you can win?

They say clothes make the man, and nobody demonstrates that better than Neal Caffrey in his slick vintage suits signature fedora. Now, it’s your turn to tell us about your fashionable side!


NOTE: Please make sure you follow each and every step that are required below. Otherwise, your entry will not count.

STEP 1 – Describe your favorite item of clothing/outfit/accessory/etc. and give a short explanation about why it’s your “signature” item. Tell us why you love this item and what it says about you. Entries will be narrowed to ones with the most creativity/effort, so give us your best shot!

STEP 2 – Follow us on Twitter: @defectivegeeks + copy/paste and Tweet the following:

RT I just entered to win the #WhiteCollar S1&2 DVD giveaway on @defectivegeeks! Lady Geeks rule!

STEP 3 – Fill out the information required and leave a comment on this blog entry:


JUDGING: We will narrow it down to the best entries and then do a random draw. Winners will be contacted via Twitter!

CONTEST ENDS: Wednesday, October 5th at midnight PST.

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  • Scarlett

    YOUR NAME: Louanne Ojeda YOUR TWITTER HANDLE: ScarlettLuvsRon YOUR SIGNATURE ITEM: My signature items are my lastic bracelets that i collect from places that have meaning to me. I have a LeakyCon 2011 bracelet that I got at LeakyCon (obviously), a Slytherin bracelet that i got from the midnight book release of the Deathly Hallows (it has that name of the book and the date on it), my I <3 Boobies bracelet from Zumiez (breast cancer is my cause since I have had 3 aunts die from it), my Wii bracelet that I got from the midnight release of the Wii that i stood in line for 15 hours for in the FREEZING cold and my Harry potter bracelet that Santa Claus put in my stocking :) I have some that I don't wear unless they color-coordinate but these, i ALWAYS wear as they have a story behind them :)

  • Madison

    YOUR NAME: Madison Aucoin

    YOUR TWITTER: Madisontheresa2
    YOUR SIGNATURE ITEM: Besides my callous wit and refreshing sense of humor? My signature item would have to be my old school Chuck Taylors. They originally belonged to my older brother, but were left in a haste as he went off to Med School. I adopted the said Chuck Taylors, and have been nurturing them like a loving mother. What do these shoes say about me? I’m nerdy, super nerdy. When people look at these shoes they tend to think that I’m pretty suave with movie quotes and pop culture references, which I am- to an extent. These shoes indirectly voice my dream of becoming Marty McFly (because I am too broke to afford me a good pair of Nikes and a DeLorean, and people are easily fooled when I tell them that these shoes once belonged to Michael J. Fox.) I don’t know what it is about these shoes, but they are a part of me. Even though they’re torn, tattered, faded and oddly sized, these shoes make up who I am. They’re me, and I am them… until the end of time, (and hopefully, by the time these shoes have deteriorated, I will have mastered the art of time travel McFly style and I’ll go back in time and bask in a time when they still existed.) 

  • Heather

    YOUR NAME: Heather GarrisonYOUR TWITTER HANDLE: hmarrisonYOUR SIGNATURE ITEM: My signature item would have to be a sliver necklace. That I’ve had since I was 16. On this necklace is a sliver cross. I bought it when I was a teenager with Christmas money from my grandmother(she’s no longer around). This cross has been with me for over half my life and I’ve wore it through many events. Like high school, college classes, jobs and much, much more. For me the cross necklace repesets my spiritual side. I may not let it show or say much but it’s there. Also on the necklace is a purple crystal. The purple crystal says a lot about me if people pay attention. It was my grandmother’s favorite color and it’s my favorite color. Also my name is Heather a pueple flower. I could go on and on with this. :P Thanks for the contest! Good luck everyone!

  • Rachael

    YOUR NAME: Rachael David

    YOUR TWITTER HANDLE: sodoesrachael

    YOUR SIGNATURE ITEM: I’m a hat person. I never seem to have a ‘good hair day’ like other people do, and after years of being frustrated at my hair for its infuriating tendency to look like I’ve never even looked at a hair brush, let alone own one (though I own several), I turned to hats. It started with a few fedoras, but I now have a collection of over 20 hats. Most of them are fedoras, but I also own several conductor hats and the like. I love them because they look good with nearly any outfit, but still give off an air of classiness regardless of what else I’m wearing. They’re fashionable, and make it seem like I’m putting an effort into how I look, a vibe which my hair on its own can only ever achieve for about 20 minutes, or until I go outside. For me any outfit is incomplete without a hat. Even my sister
    will ask “but where’s your hat?” on the rare occasion I opt not to wear

    My hats are mostly black and gray in order to match the majority of the clothes I own, but they all still have a certain style and I can easily put an outfit around a hat for however I feel that day. My favorite hat is lightly pinstriped, and it’s the one I wear the most, because it makes me feel confident. My hats are like those “I feel _____ today” mood magnets for me. Anyone can tell what mood I’m in on a particular day by which hat I’m wearing.

    For me, the hats help me stand out from the crowd. Not everyone can pull off the hat look, so not many people try. I always get noticed by people where ever I go because of the hats. I’m not a shy person, so I rather enjoy the attention. I hope the hats tell people that I’m a creative, fun person, because no two hats are the same, and each one has it’s own flair and/or quirk, which is important to me. I’m not a boring person, so I don’t want to look boring, and the hats give me that extra ‘pop’ in my overall look that I love so much.

  • Meg

    YOUR NAME: Meg
    YOUR TWITTER HANDLE: earthquakedream
    YOUR SIGNATURE ITEM: My signature item has to be my black leather calf-high boots. Not only did I get them for a discounted price, but they look absolutely fabulous on me and are super comfortable. They’re flat, they hug my calves comfortably – but because I am a big girl and a I have wide calves, there’s a convenient gap in the back that allows them to fit really well. There’s straps criss-crossing from top to bottom with shiny metal studs that add a little bit of badass to them. They look great with jeans, with a skirt, but they look best with my leggings when I’m out dancing and having a blast. They make me feel incredibly confident and sexy and I’m never giving them up.

  • Tracey

    YOUR NAME: Tracey
    YOUR TWITTER HANDLE: lionessblack
    YOUR SIGNATURE ITEM: It’s a necklace. It’s a pretty simple dog tag on a ballchain, but I think it has an interesting story as to why it’s something I wear every day.I used to follow a Broadway tour of Rent (I actually followed a couple of them, but this one was my first). By the time that tour ended, I had seen that particular company 17 times. The actor who played Mark, Harley Jay, had put out several items of swag with his intials on them, and so much of the proceeds went to charity. However, I was spending all my money on things like flights to New Mexico to see the closing show of this tour, and couldn’t really afford to buy any of them.At that closing show, we were at the stage door, and saying goodbye to all these actors (you see the show enough times, and they get to know you, and I always just hoped they didn’t think I was a stalker person, and as time wore on, I figured that they didn’t), and when I was talking to Harley, he reaches into his pocket and pulls out one of the necklaces and asks me if I’d like one. I thanked him profusely and proceeded to wear it from then on. I really love this necklace, not just because it was given to me, but because it marks a time in my life that means a lot to me. I made a lot of friends through that tour, and I’m still friends with most of them today. so much of my love for the show comes from the fun and crazy things I did and the fun and crazy people I did them with, and the necklace is a symbol of that. Especially now that I’m not in a position to do as many things like that, as much as I’d like to.

  • SarahBewley

    YOUR NAME: Sarah BewleyYOUR TWITTER HANDLE: WPAdmirerYOUR SIGNATURE ITEM: My signature item is a gecko earring. I have always loved lizards, and have a special fondness for geckos. Six years ago I got my first (and so far only) tattoo – a gecko on my left wrist. But long before that, I was wearing a gecko earring. I have three piercings in my ears – two on right and one on the left. About ten years ago I started wearing a tigers-eye lizard earring. It was a gift from a friend who knew of my obsession. She’d been to my house and seen my office which is filled with plastic lizards of every shape and size. I wore that earring up until six years ago. When I was in Los Angeles having a play produced, I lost the earring while I was out having lunch with a friend. I was heart broken. The friend who’d given me the tigers-eye earring heard about it, and when I went to visit her a year later, she gave me a silver gecko earring to replace it. During the time I was in LA (when I lost the other earring), I had gotten the tattoo. It is lovely and green with red feet! It goes well with the lizard watch that I wear (courtesy of the same friend!). So I think for me, the signature item would have to be the gecko earring. There is something seriously wrong with any day that I don’t wear it. I feel naked!

  • Lavender Gooms

    YOUR NAME: Danielle
    YOUR TWITTER HANDLE: donutholschtein
    YOUR SIGNATURE ITEM: I love wearing shirts with belts at the waist.  My style is pretty simple, and I like pieces that will always be in style that I can dress up with accessories.  Skinny belts are my favorite thing to accessorize with!

  • Christien Mitchell

    YOUR NAME: Christien MitchellYOUR TWITTER: @christien2303:disqus 
    YOUR SIGNATURE ITEM: My entry is my most important golden necklace from Egypt, it’s called a cartouche which is a chain formerly worn by pharaohs. here is put in a name in Hieroglyphs, I have two, In one state the name of my husband, and the other is the name of my son. One of the two I have eight years I always wear it, I feel naked without it. They are very special to me.

  • giorgia

    YOUR NAME: GiorgiaYOUR TWITTER HANDLE: @Joji387YOUR SIGNATURE ITEM: I don’t have a really visible signature item because i like to always change my style. Something i never take off tho, because i feel naked without,  is a bracelet i have on my right wrist.  It’s made with little silver pearls and it has a kind of “etnic” vibe..  A few days after i started wearing it, i added a charm that a friend gave me. It’s a palm-shaped amulet called Khamsa,popular throught the Middle East and North Africa, and  it’s a sign of protection, blessing, power and strenght.  I’m not usually a  superstitious person, but what better than a lucky charm now that i’m finishing college and starting  the search for a job?! :D

  • Bill Norris

    YOUR NAME:bill norris
    YOUR TWITTER HANDLE: bnchile4444
    YOUR SIGNATURE ITEM: old nike 1/2 zip pull over sweat shirt
    This is a piece of clothing i LOVE! Its gotta be 10yrs old now, still so very comfy and warm. Its no longer in production and would be impossible to replace. I would be so upset, and will be, one day when it finally gives up. Its starting to frey and holes are forming at the seams, you can even see through it in spots. But i dont care if i look like a bum while wearing it, cause its so awesome and me.

  • Sarah Gray

    YOUR NAME: Sarah Gray
    YOUR TWITTER: Psychologyninja
    YOUR SIGNATURE ITEM: My signature item would be my green, military-esque jacket. I love it and I always wear it where ever I go. 

    What does it say about me? Its not very girly, not very fashionable, but it can withstand pretty much anything. Its fairly scruffy, and its done some things it probably shouldn’t have. So its very much like me in fact.

    It has many pockets, which suits me fine- you can never have too much random, potentially useful junk with you (recent inspection revealed 3 pens, a torch, an origami crane made from a bus ticket, and a fob watch).

    The elbows are worn and have holes in each from where I’ve lent on them too much, there’s a button missing from when I got stuck climbing a wall. Theres currently grass stains on one sleeve from an incident involving rain, a steep hill, and some angry cows.

    I like it because no one else has a jacket like it. I love that it is quintessentially me and everyone who knows me can recognise it from a distance. Yes its worn and its scruffy, but every rip and every mark tells a story- is another piece of the story of what I’ve been up to, of the ridiculous things I find myself getting into.

  • Shin O.

    Name: Shin OTwitter: oh_shinSignature Item: Dior suede ankleboots

    Ever been at the receiving end of a blow to the solar plexus?

    With a crowbar?

    Neither have I, but I been told it hurts.

    Now what I do ain’t good work, ain’t God’s work, but it pays the bills and gives my employers satisfaction – a good reputation is what you want in this business. A bad one leaves you with no jobs in the books and loss of all privileges: primarily a properly functioning nervous system and full ambulatory access to your own limbs.

    Contract work is hard and it ain’t consistent; but once in a while, I get one that pays off nicely. And one of ‘em got me these: a pair of fineass Dior ankle boots with a rudeboy’s winklepicker toe. I found ‘em truthfully – honest – $180 secondhand left on consignment by some crazy rich broad who probably lives in one of the highrises by the shore. Black leather on black suede with black laces; a little silver plate on the back of each heel reminding you what it is, but that ain’t important.

    What’s important is that they work. They catch you at first glance and you think “style” and “taste”, not “is that a telescoping baton” or “hey I think my clavicle just broke”. I wear ‘em and they say I am the consummate professional: I am more expensive than the girls you hire out from the ads on the back of the paper, and I break up homes just as easy.

    The smooth leather on the toe is good for the long waits in a damp alley; they don’t soak up the mess after I finish a job, and wipe off easy. Other gals might complain about the softness of the sole and lightness of the stiletto; works for me fine, the foot hits the cement soft, the click of the heel only at the edge of your hearing.

    They work and they keep me in work. Sleek, sharp, and you don’t see ‘em coming.

  • Corinne Mendonca

    YOUR NAME: Corinne Mendonca
    YOUR TWITTER HANDLE: Corinnelizbeth
    YOUR SIGNATURE ITEM: My signature item would probably be my livestrong band. 

    This is my signature item because I have been wearing it for over two years and everyday that I wear it reminds me that there are people out there who are living with cancer and who aren’t letting it get them down. It also serves as a reminder of family members that I have lost to cancer but who fought it with all of their might.