‘Burn Notice’ – A New Day Vol. 2

Burn Notice: A New Day volume 2, a digital comic series based on the television show, was released last week. Chapter One: “Open Water” was written by Ryan Johnson and Peter Lalayanis with art by Tony Shasteen.

Burn Notice is actually a really good show and I’ve only started watching season one recently. My main motivation to watch is Bruce Campbell, of course, daddy of all geek studs. Although, my favorite character has to be Fiona (played by Gabrielle Anwar) – smart, sexy and kick your behind so hard your ancestors will weep! I love how crazy she is with her “shoot first, ask questions later” attitude.

It’s awesome that the USA Network embraces all types of media and are integrating it with their ongoing television shows. This digital comic is interactive with a lot of cool features to keep the reader engaged beyond just reading a story. They even throw in puzzles and gaming elements. It’s also very easy to navigate and you can even download it on the iPhone.

Shasteen is a highly skilled artist and beyond his character art, the background is detailed with proper perspective. He uses enough dynamic in the panels without overdoing or over-exaggerating. The realistic sense you get from the drawn characters and setting is what makes it work as a companion piece to the series. The coloring (done by Wes Hartman) is not too distracting like most American comic books tend to be some times.

It’s a great compliment to the television show. I can even say that the comic can act as a stand alone story. If you’re a Burn Notice fan, be sure to not miss out. It’s a quick read and it’s a good way to get your fix before the new season starts! Check it out here.

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