TRAVEL: Seattle, a Quick Trip

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My trip to Geek Girl Con this year was my first time in Seattle, Washington. I wished I could have had an extra full day to sight-see but I did get a quick walking tour of downtown on our way from our hotel to The Crab Pot. The walk took us maybe a good half an hour or more but I am all gungho about taking advantage of a walking city.

Seattle 2011

We didn’t get to see the Public Market Center while it was actually opened. Too bad because I heard they threw fish at each other. Or something.

I’m a delicate flower, what can I say?

Despite the forecast of rain it only really sprinkled a bit on Sunday the entire weekend I stayed. The coldest was when I landed on Friday morning at the airport and the ground was wet from passing rain. Saturday got pretty sunny and warm; I walked around without a jacket on for the most part.

Seattle was a cool city and I wouldn’t mind going back for a longer visit. I want to explore more of the seafood since I know that is its more popular cuisine. Also, on the way to the airport on the Link Light Rail, I passed by interesting places I wouldn’t have minded exploring. The coffee was pretty darn good and even though it’s kind of cheesey, I would totally go and see the original Starbucks store.

Seattle 2011

My first meal was “oyster and chips” with a side of clam chowder at Ivar’s. It was pretty delicious though I’m starting to feel more and more that I would prefer fresh, raw oyster instead of having it fried. The clam chowder was good and I had another bowl at the airport before I boarded my plane to go back to Los Angeles.

Seattle 2011 Seattle 2011 Seattle 2011

We also passed by the Gum Wall (so gross) on the way to dinner. The one thing I can not abide by in the city. Sorry Seattle-peeps. But that’s just really gross.

Seattle 2011 Seattle 2011
Seattle 2011

Our pile of seafood!

Seattle 2011

Shing and I finished our pile of food. In case you were wondering.

Seattle 2011

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