Video Game: APB Reloaded Live Action Trailer

APB Reloaded is a mulitplayer, action shooter game available online. The trailer was released today and it goes all out. Live action actors take on the roles of the different characters you can play in the actual game. Cosplaying and kicking ass all at the same time!

I especially dig the transformation sequence that the actors go through from one costume to the next. This trailer looks pretty awesome and the mix of live action and snippets from the actual video game works really well. To sound quite cliché: it looks like a film trailer for a Mad Max/Tank Girl-style, post-apocalyptic, action movie. It’s fun to watch so check it out:

Check out the game’s website HERE.

There is also a Facebook campaign that coincides with the release of this trailer. Read more below from the press release.

From the press release:

[a]list games and GamersFirst present “Be All You Can’t Be,” the action-packed video trailer for APB Reloaded that blends live action with game play, and makes cops and criminals out of YouTube celebrities in the process.

Filmed on location in Los Angeles, the trailer stars mega-popular YouTube show creators Tobuscus, SeaNanners, Katers17 and SMP Films.  They’re all featured prominently in action-packed vignettes that begin as live action scenes and play out as sequences in the game.  The vignettes follow the two main factions in APB Reloaded, Criminals and Enforcers, to highlight the urban warfare and PvP mayhem that players experience in the world’s first Free2Play online open-world action game.

The video also showcases the level of self-expression at players’ fingertips with one of the deepest customization engines ever developed for a game.  It’s the inspiration behind the title, “Be All You Can’t Be.”  In the game, customization goes beyond an avatar and a set of clothes. APB Reloaded allows for deep personalization of character traits, vehicles, even music that’s all about being creative and fearless.  Portraying this in the live action portions of the trailer is a real time transformation effect filmed over green screen where actors “shed” their looks on the fly.

The release of the video trailer marks the launch of a unique Facebook campaign for APB Reloaded.  [a]list games and GamersFirst have partnered with Fanrank, the Facebook app designed to track and reward influential fans, to invite new players and encourage existing ones to spread the word about the game.  The campaign begins by awarding in-game prizes for those who share the live action trailer and get their friends to join in the Free2Play fun in APB Reloaded. Later stages will introduce bigger prizes, new trailers, and ultimately a player museum of in-game and user generated content.

For the APB Reloaded Fanrank campaign, please visit:


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