Giveaway: Heroes of Neverwinter Exclusive Item Pack Keys

We have FIVE exclusive item codes to give away to our readers for Atari’s Dungeons and Dragons: Heroes of Neverwinter. This is a current open beta game only available to play on Facebook.

How can you win these codes? We will randomly give them away to our followers on twitter: @defectivegeeks or our fans on facebook:

You will have to answer questions. The first person to answer our questions will receive the code. Remember, we have FIVE codes to giveaway that will unlock special items in the game! We will give one away starting on Monday, November 28, 2011 until Friday, December 1, 2011.

Follow us now on twitter or facebook and get to know us until then.

Don’t forget to play the game, if you are not already, on facebook. Click here now to play!

Explore over 50 dungeons, battle over 40 unique monsters, learn over 30 unique skills and discover hundreds of powerful magic items with your Facebook friends. In what is likely to be the deepest RPG available on Facebook, gamers can even take on the role of Dungeon Master and create their own adventures for friends and other players to explore.

Choose a character or create a custom-made character from the game’s four races: human, halfling, eladrin, or dragonborn. Then head over to the Neverwinter’s famed tavern Beached Leviathan to find other characters to invite into your party roster and begin your adventure.

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