Holiday Geek Gift Idea: Pac-Man Ghost Jewelry!

If you’re like me, you still have a food baby from Thanksgiving. I’ve named mine Jeremy. Right now may be a stressful time because, holy crap, the holidays are coming. You have to worry about sales and presents on top of trying to move around with ten pounds of stuffing and mashed potatoes that have refused to be digested. I can’t do anything about the food baby, but I am here to help you out with some fun geek gift ideas!

I love jewelry. I turn into the biggest cliché of a girl when I’m around pretty shiny things. This effect is doubled when it’s something nerd related. If you’re like me, then you’ll want to check out these awesome handmade Pac-Man Ghost inspired earrings and necklaces!

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And you can get a matching necklace!

Every piece of jewelry is handmade out of pure copper, so no two pieces are alike. That means that no matter what, you’re wearing something cute, nerdy, and totally unique :) These are perfect for the kind of person who adores old school games and loves to accessorize.

All of these are made by Bastanchury Studios on Etsy. Make sure to check out their shop to see their other Pac-Man Ghost earring and necklaces.

They also have all of their Halloween inventory on sale, 20% off, so if you’re the kind of person who refuses to acknowledge that Halloween is only once a year, then definitely check out their cute Jack-o-Lantern jewelry. By the way, I’m totally one of these people.

Every pair has a different expression. See which one fits you the best!


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Written by Gizzy B