The Dark Knight Rises Viral Campaign and New Poster

The past couple of days have been very exciting for us Batman movie fans. Before I talk about the viral campaign, I would like to show this badass new teaser poster just released today:

Words cannot begin to describe how excited I am. This poster teases us with the possibilities of TDKR. Is the story going to follow aspects of Knightfall? Since TDKR is going to be the last of this specific franchise, how will it be finished? Trust me, these feeble typed up words on a blog do not properly represent the half-sick blubbering excited fangirl typing them right now.

To add to the excitement, the viral campaign kicked back off a few days ago with a fake CIA Bulletin posted on and the launch of a cryptic site The bulletin shows a man who looks a lot like actor Alon Abutbul, who was cast a few months ago, and according to the bulletin he is a nuclear physicist that has gone missing.

Screencap from

Is he involved with Bane? A Doomsday Device, perhaps? Only time will tell! The site only ever showed a countdown, but to what? 

Many of us eager Bat-fanatics waited until the clock stopped running, approximately 10am yesterday. During this countdown, the official site was playing a cryptic audio of a woman reading numbers. It turns out that these numbers were coordinates! Unfortunately, the countdown experience was a bit anti-climactic because I don’t think the creators of the site anticipated such high traffic. Pretty much, the site crashed once the numbers hit zero (ha ha). After the servers were resurrected, the site linked us to a map that showed IMAX locations for…

Wait for it.. Wait for it..

Early screenings of the Prologue!

The catch was that you had the enter the coordinates being spoken onto the map. After that, it sent you to another site to retrieve the tickets! Of course, that site it linked to afterwards didn’t anticipate the high traffic either. Every time I tried to create an account on the damn thing to claim my rightful prize, it would crash. It was like registering for Comic Con all over again. So, to make a very long, frustrating, tearful, bloody and arduous story short, the Space Pirate Queen and I will be seeing the the first seven minutes of The Dark Knight Rises next Tuesday!

Do you hear that sound in the distance? Like a hyena choking on bubble gum? That would be the sound of me freaking the hell out right now.

Expect that sound ten fold next Tuesday night.

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