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Here on Defective Geeks, we strive to inspire other geek women out there to be everything they can be in life and be proud of their nerdy-ness. We try to set an example that nerds aren’t generally all awkward. We can be… but we also have a lot of fun! No matter how geeky you are – from someone who collects comic books to those who just happen to like the Harry Potter movies. I think you’re cool.

I wanted to share the female driven websites that has given me guidance, strength and girl power during the moments when I am feeling insecure and unsure of myself.

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Gala Darling’s blog is a constant inspiration. Plus, it’s always upbeat and not just because it’s pink!

She is not just a fashion icon, her blog is all about inspiring women to love themselves and to be adventurous in life. She even runs a Radical Self-Love Boot Camp! She writes very personal articles but somehow she doesn’t make it all about herself. She always makes her blog seem like it’s about you, the reader. I think this is a testament to her very generous and compassionate heart for others. I have never met her in person but I feel like she is all about helping and nurturing. All the while, she takes amazing photos and I love all her outfits. Start by reading her inspirational blogs.

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Gian doesn’t blog as much but when she does, her entries are always so beautifully written and highlights very poignant events in her personal life. Gian and I first met when we were in middle school and although we rarely see each other these days, she is one of those people who I’ll always know in my life. She is so smart, intelligent and spiritual. Her writing always makes me smile and they always give me a moment of pause to reflect on my own life. It also makes me miss her a lot!

Photo by Erin Foster (Totally Confident and Completely Insecure)

Totally Confident and Completely Insecure

Erin Foster also writes for She is also an actress but she is one of the most honest and most accessible person online. I’ve even told her she was one of my heroes and she told me that I was ‘loco!’ (but she loves it anyways). Discovering her writing on Hello Giggles really helped me get out of my funk at the beginning of this year. She inspired me in a very different way. She just tells stories, admits her imperfections and mistakes but preaches on how we’re all awesome anyways. She is also hilarious. Check out her fight with Ryan Gosling.

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Yume Ninja is badass and she can do it all – model, fashion, event planning, art, make-up, etc. She is another good friend of mine and I’ve always looked up to her. I’ve seen her go through some personal journeys in the years I’ve known her and it’s something to be admired. Her blog encompasses a lot of her own personal revelations as well as her most creative projects. She is a talented model but had struggled with her body image for a long time. Her blog records when she finally accepts herself and she is inspiring other people to love themselves too. I mean, seriously – she’s gorgeous, right?!

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I hope these ladies will inspire you as much as they’ve inspired me. Read, learn and share. I plan to do more personal blogs as I go through my own journey this year. Happy Chinese New Year!

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