Lady Geek Spotlight: Annie Violet, Sexy Geek Model, Tolkien Lover

Annie Violet and I found each other on Twitter. When I first saw her Twitter profile, I admit it – I almost dismissed her as a spambot mostly because she had a super sexy photo on her profile (sorry Annie! Don’t judge by their profile photos, kids). But something made me take a pause and I decided to read a bulk of what she had written on Twitter. I quickly realized this girl was one of my Lady Geek sisters.

I  try to not judge other women who work in a certain industry. I judge them by their character and Annie and I have always had pleasant Twitter encounters – like getting excited about The Hobbit trailer. In other words, she’s a sweetheart. A Lady Geek has every right to take her clothes off in front of the camera and still be allowed to read the Lord of the Rings between takes. Dammit. Can’t blame a lady when she has a cute bum that the world needs to see. In this interview, Annie talks about the dichotomy of her work as a model and her nerdy side.

Read our interview below.

Can you tell us about your work as a model and a nude cosplay model? How did you get from being a shy geek to your work now?

ANNIE VIOLET: I love modeling in different genres and styles. It really feels like a release for my overactive imagination and a great way to express myself creatively. I started modeling about 2 and a half years ago after getting scouted, along with my younger sister, and have been enjoying the ride ever since.

As far as nudity goes, it’s definitely not for everyone. I feel comfortable enough in my own skin that it feels natural to shoot in the buff. You could say it helped me break out of my mold. Cosplaying has been one of my all time favorite pastimes with friends when I was younger and I’ve been into American cartoons/animation, anime, manga, comic books, sci-fi, and horror since I was about 8.  I’m still confused why they don’t have Elvira’s Halloween Special annually anymore.

What is your favorite part about your personal work as a model?

VIOLET: I love the experiences I get from modeling and collaborating with different photographers and artists. It’s like working together to make that person’s concept come to life!

What is it like to be a model within the geek community? Is it tough to be accepted as a Lady Geek when you are in an industry that could possibly be seen as the exact opposite of “nerdy”?

VIOLET: It is quite hard to be taken seriously by people of any community for that matter. Being labeled a model usually associates you to a class of vapid, shallow, and unintelligent women. Being in an industry that’s geared towards adult genres makes it even harder since that stereotype becomes a generalization in everyone’s mind and that snap judgment will always be hard to accept.

How do you deal with the stereotype? How do you approach people who doesn’t understand your work and doubts your geekier side?

VIOLET: Honestly, I think everyone will always have their preconceived notions about me and any doubts they may have of who I am can be challenged with a conversation or debate. LOL. I don’t usually try to defend my geekiness/dorkiness because to me it’s so apparent and with people who do get the chance to know me will attest to it.

I feel that sometimes what I do cloud people’s judgment of who I really am but I just see it as one of the facets of my personality. You can’t say all geeks are specifically into one genre of fandom/geekiness and have no desire to do anything else and you can’t say all naked models are dim-witted people who take their clothes off for a living. That’s the problem with people these days. Everyone wants to categorize you. It’s all in perspective as they say. Haha ;)

What do you think of people who stereotype geeks as awkward and generally not attractive? Why do you think this is still a stigma now?

VIOLET: Well, I’ve always had an ugly duckling complex growing up and I still have an awkward disposition. It is a stereotype that’s also become a generalization as well, with the media’s portrayal of geeks in countless TV shows and movies always showing a geeky main or secondary character who is oftentimes unattractive, clumsy, nervous, and socially awkward. Which is not necessarily always true or definitive of real life geeks.

 You have an Elvish name and obviously a fan of Tolkien’s work. What other geeky things are you into?

VIOLET: I absolutely adore Tolkien’s work and have been a fan for many moons. I also love Batman (the comic series, animated series, T.V. show, movies, etc.) One of my favorite hobby and pastime has always been reading (I’m quite a braggart when it comes to how fast I can read as well haha). I love so many different genres including fiction, non-fiction, medieval fantasy, historical fiction, science fiction, horror, etc. I don’t do romance novels though, so you won’t catch me with a Fabio emblazoned paperback in my hand.

I enjoy movie marathons and am a pop culture buff to an extent, so I love trivia. Watching anime and reading manga and American comic books never get old for me.

What is your favorite part about being a sexy Lady Geek? What does it mean for you to be a Lady Geek?

VIOLET: Haha! I’m still trying to get used to even being considered synonymous to sexy but I am proud to be a Lady Geek because we aren’t the minority. It just seems that way because no one takes enough notice of the awesomeness we contribute to society XD.

We’re part of an alternative culture and nowadays it’s okay to be unique and different. My favorite part of being a Lady Geek is getting to appreciate all that creative minds have to offer in the arts, in literature, and in politics. Oh, and going to conventions. That’s the best part when you get to share the fandom with like-minded individuals ^__^


Photos provided by Oscar Chang.


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