GEEK LIFE: Hobbits and Slumber Parties

When my friends and I became “adults” (aka, we were all of legal drinking age in the US), our idea of fun certainly evolved. We are out and about in Los Angeles, spending the little hard earned money we have at local businesses. Getting our foodie on. Getting our booze on. Getting our dancing on. Getting our Disneyland on. Getting our party on. It was much different during high school when we spent a lot of time at each other’s houses. We were girls… slumber parties was a big thing, okay.

Our slumber parties were different though. It wasn’t dominated by “boy talk” (though it did exist) or make up or doing each other’s hair. At least this is the impression I got from normal slumber parties as seen in movies and television. We would generally stuff our faces with delicious food and watch our favorite movies. It was fun and it was how we all bonded. We never got to go to those mythical high school parties. You know, the kind in movies when some kid’s parents are out of town so they throw a party full of alcohol and the whole town shows up. Seriously. Did those really happen? I was never quite sure. I guess I am that big of a nerd, after all.

Yes, we were giant dorks. Yes, we're still giant dorks.

Then life happened and we all found our own things. We all became busy going to different parties, socializing and possibly getting shit faced. That’s all part of growing up, right? We go through those years when we do all the things our parents told us to not do.

Funny thing is that we kept growing up and now we’re older, we realize how much easier it was to just sit in someone’s home, eat delicious food together and watch movies.

First of all, I am so happy that I am still close friends with the same people from high school: Pilbeam, Sailor Mizz and Gizzy B.We’ve gone through all our own phases, trial and tribulations but we always managed to find our way back to each other. We manage to find our way back to our love of the Lord of the Rings trilogy movie. We were all obsessed when these movies came out originally (see photo above during one of the midnight screening) and Sailor Mizz invited us all to a slumber party and a Lord of the Rings movie marathon.

You know what? Things have come full circle. Despite all the cool bars or parties we could have been at that night, we had an awesome time doing something so nostalgic, simple and geeky. Sailor Mizz and Gizzy B both cooked food while we started with The Fellowship of the Ring. The only thing that changed since high school was the presence of wine. We drove Sailor Mizz’s boyfriend crazy with our silly and snarky comments during the movie.

“I would totally have sex with him right there.” – Shit Girls Say About Aragorn

We made fun of everything and also hushed each other when something cool was about to happen. We started a drinking game.  I’m telling you this right now, it’s not a good idea to do a drinking game during a Lord of the Rings marathon.

Drink every time Frodo fell over.

Drink every time Pippin did something stupid.

Drink every time there’s a close up of the ring.

Drink every time Legolas said something poetic.

Drink every time Gollum said “precious”– oh shit, he says it in every single sentences!

Needless to say, three glasses of wine in and I’m texting my cousin in Toronto on how much I still wanted to marry Dominic Monaghan (Merry) and that she needs to please, please, please make that happen.

No, we did not finish the marathon. We only managed to watch up to The Two Towers and then it was bedtime at 1am. Back in high school we probably would have stayed up until 4am for Return of the King… but in our defense, we did schedule to shoot our next video the next morning too. We did need to sleep. Okay, shut up, we’re also just old.

If you feel like you’re getting worn out by adult responsibilities, expectations and going-out-every-Friday-or-Saturday-night-at-the-bar, feel free to dial it back a few years when you couldn’t drink alcohol. What did you do with your friends then? What do you miss the most? Why not get those friends together and have a simple night of being a nerd at home? I mean, you can still drink… but it’s even better if you’re doing a drinking game to your favorite geek film or while playing Mario Kart! I do hope you are lucky like me to have such wonderfully, nerdy friends who has been by my side for years and years. Old friends are the ones who will do the Lord of the Ring slumber parties with you when you’re almost 30 years old.

Next up, we are doing Star Wars! The original trilogy only. Of course.

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