COMIC REVIEW: Zombie Outlaw

I always a enjoy a fun zombie romp and Zombie Outlaw is certainly a fun read from writer Brian Apodaca and artist Benny Jordan. The story starts at the library where main character, Matt, is introduced swooning over his crush, K.T. Delaney. When Matt returned to the library with his pal, Will, he thought Will would help him win K.T. over on a date perhaps. Instead, Will uncovers a dark secret living underneath the library — the Zombie Outlaw, the Legendary Living Dead Cowboy.

Issue #1 ends on a cliffhanger. The art really stood out for me. Jordan’s illustration has a very specific style — very much more influenced by animation more than the typical American comic book. His human characters look playful and I think it makes it effective when they finally reveal the zombies. Jordan manages to make his zombies look very creepy and the contrast is drastic, very dynamic — which I think really adds to the story.

This book managed to let me feel like I’m reading a fun and somewhat silly comic book while still keeping the spirit of scary zombies.

The story is easy to read and follow. The dialogue is pretty funny. I do recommend Zombie Outlaw to anyone who is looking for a fun, zombie comic book to read. If you like Westerns and cowboys, this book is for you too! I am a fan of both and I’m actually pretty interested in the story now. There is definitely an element of a mysterious past on the Zombie Outlaw that I bet will be pretty epic when it is finally revealed.

Nothing like watching the shenanigans of college kids who are going to try and stop the zombies from eating everyone on campus.

The creators will be at Wondercon 2012 in Anaheim on March 16th-18th. Visit them at the small-press area, booth # SP-096.

Issue #1 is available at HERE.

The official website:

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