Brighton Beach

I recently went on an adventure to Brighton. I’d never been before, but heard amazing things, so I was really excited.

We went by train and from the station marched directly to the sea shore. It’s about a 15 minute walk, but down hill and only difficult if you have large luggage.


First lesson learned: Bring sandals/crocs. It’s a pebble beach and jebus does it hurt walking on it barefoot.


We were fortunate in having amazing weather. It wasn’t hot, but it was as close as England gets. We stuck our feet in the water and that lasted about 1/10th of a second. FREEZING. No swimming for us!

The beach front has a lot of neat little shops. I didn’t get to go in all of them, but we did some window shopping and there were little art stalls, a penny arcade museum, and The King:


He wanted an ice cream, clearly.

Second lesson learned: Don’t be on a diet while visiting Brighton. There is a shop called Choccywoccydoodah. They serve ALL THE CHOCOLATE. I think I nearly exploded eating there. We’d booked a private room and this is what we were presented with:


And then you could order anything on the menu, as well.

Third lesson learned: Don’t expect to have any money when you leave.

There is shopping. So. Much. Shopping. There were vintage shops, an Alice in Wonderland theme shop, an import candy shop, custom jewellery shops. And that was just one street!


So, that was my trip to Brighton. Definitely worth going to if you’re tired of London or the other usual tourist spots.

More pictures here!

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