GEEK LIFE: Now I’m the One That’s Cool

Geeks. Nerds. Dorks.

These are the words that some of us have chosen to identify with. Geek is the new cool, geek is the new chic and we can now say it loud and proud. I’m the One That’s Cool is the new music video from The Guild and it depicts each cast member as a caricature of nerds getting picked on by the mean kids. The song is fun, catchy and Felicia Day is always so… well, cool! I can also fully relate to Amy Okuda as an awkward, Asian dork.

I went to public school for one year during my Freshman year. The worst that happened to me was I had one of the stupid boys in my Spanish class bump me with his ass against my desk on purpose. He also used to turn around and “mock” my long hair by singing the Maybelline commercial (maybe she’s born with it…). He was dumb and immature — in a weird way, I think he was trying to flirt more than bully me. Who knows. High school students remain a mystery to me then and especially now.

Anyways, for the last three years of high school I went to an art school where all the “outcasts” were thrown together in a makeshift asylum. Don’t get me wrong. There were still popular kids and there were still cliques – but we were at least all strange and have experienced feeling “different” in our teen lives.

I am not quite sure what point I am trying to make here. I guess to this day, there are days when I feel like I’m pretty damn cool but there are still a lot of days when I feel like if I opened my mouth I would just embarrass myself. It’s funny that I have a small, number of people who I feel like I could truly be myself and say anything I want without judgement. With the rest of the world, I tend to revert back to the shy nerd in me. On the other hand, I feel like I can express myself rather freely when I am writing for this blog, talking on the podcast or even during our live shows.

I know there are people who support me and think what I’m doing is pretty awesome. Then there are those out there who possibly greatly dislikes me. You know what? The way I see it, the haters just make you appreciate the people who will support you, admire you and will always have kind words to say.

Life will always throw bullies our way – whether you’re the nerd, the jock, the smart kid, the dumb kid, the pretty girl, etc. There will always be a bully out there. Some times you can fight against it and some times you just have to let it win. Some times, you have to let a person walk all over you but it doesn’t mean you’re a loser. The judgement will not be on you as a person but on the bully. What is important is that no matter how bad it gets, you stay true to yourself and that you know who your real friends are in the end. That is true victory. Focus on yourself and your goals — live a full and good life.

Besides, in the grand scheme of things – it’s all just #FirstWorldProblems material anyways. So keep your chin up against the odds and remember that it can always be much worse. If you’re feeling super down, just remember… The Dark Knight Rises and The Hobbit are both coming out THIS year! What could be better?!

Never forget. You’re the one that’s cool.

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