GEEK LIFE: Vampire Diaries and My Apology

I used to believe I was a sensible person (who some times did nonsensical things). I scoffed at other women who thought having a vampire boyfriend would actually be a good idea. I rolled my eyes at the “sexy”-fying of vampires. I believed they should be left alone to be evil, bloodsucking monsters. I didn’t think anyone else but Anne Rice really captured vampire psychology. I still have a great dislike towards Twilight. When Vampire Diaries first started airing on television, I rolled my eyes. I thought I would just chalk the show up as another dumb, tweeny show and its target audience was definitely not me.

Then it happened. My friends started talking about the show and how amazing it was. I was shocked. These are people who I respect! Their opinions mattered to me! What is going on? Is the show really that good? Inevitably, my curiosity got the best of me and I signed on to my Netflix account to watch the show.

Now, I owe everyone an apology.

I apologize to all the women I teased for watching this show.

I understand now.

It happened slowly. I wasn’t suckered (ha!) in right away but I stuck to it because my friends said to give it a “few episodes.” I was actually quite surprised by my first impression of the female lead, Elena Gilbert and her girl friends. Elena had a personality and more importantly, she had a brain of a real, smart girl who fought back. She wasn’t just a simpering, Mary Sue who was stuck in a vampire, love triangle. Elena knew what she wanted and she didn’t hide behind Stefan (her vampire lover of choice).

I love Bonnie, the witch – I’ve always been a fan of witches. I even love Caroline and how her character was developed. I am now on season 2 and I am very much looking forward to how she will do.

Now onto the real reason I watch this show.

Yes, it’s true. I fell for the “bad boy” vampire character. Oh, Damon… the things I would do to you that Elena wouldn’t. Sigh. I never thought I would actually have feelings for sexy vampire men… or that I would wish one was my boyfriend. Look at him though. Look at him. When he starts having feelings in the show, my uterus goes insane. It’s bad. Well-played, Vampire Diaries… well-played.

I will fully admit my shame and this new guilty pleasure in public. I am wrong to judge this show so quickly and to judge all the people who are watching it — again, you have my deepest apologies.

In all seriousness though, Vampire Diaries is a pretty fun watch and the plot is actually good. The dialogue is well written and funny. Damon has amazing one-liners. It doesn’t just revolve around the vampiric-love-triangle. It’s also very refreshing that there are female characters that I can actually relate with and that they are pretty awesome. Though I don’t understand why Elena wouldn’t want to jump Damon the minute she saw him. I guess she’s much smarter than I am.

If you are considering giving this show a shot, I give you the same advice others gave me: give it a few episodes. Then come back here and we’ll talk about how amazing Damon looks on screen especially when you first see him and how Catherine is the ultimate bad ass.

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