The Fear of Remakes


Remakes. Reboots. Call them what you will, they make me nervous.

When rumours (which turned out to be false) surfaced that The Princess Bride was getting remade, I cringed. When it was announced Ninja Turtles was getting a reboot, I sighed. This isn’t a rant about Hollywood being unoriginal. They’ve been doing remakes for EVER. Cinderella, Anna Karenina, King Kong, Frankenstein, the list goes on and on. You can’t dismiss all of the remakes as rubbish, it just isn’t true.

But just like when you hear some new band remake a song you love, I think our brains are just wired to distrust the new one. Change is scary. Why would you already top what’s already perfect? HOW DARE YOU MESS WITH MY CHILDHOOD.

So, when I heard this afternoon that a remake (or re-imagining, as Rob Marshall is calling it) of The Thin Man is in the works, I got conflicted.

If you haven’t seen it, The Thin Man is the first in a series of films revolving around Nick and Nora Charles. Nick is an ex-detective, and Nora is a socialite heiress, and when the series starts they’re recently married and spending Christmas in New York. There’s a murder and suddenly they’re in the thick of it. The dialogue is quick, witty, and biting. There’s a lot of booze, some shootings, and a really cute dog named Asta.

I adore it. William Powell is one of my favourite ‘old time’ actors (He’s even on my squish list). I struggle to imagine anyone else besides William Powell and Myrna Loy having the right chemistry.

My conflict comes from the fact that Johnny Depp is down to star as Nick (Nora has yet to be cast), and he’s so fricking good at acting. How can I not trust him to pull this off? Add to that Colleen Atwood is costume designer and I have a not so secret crush on all of her costumes. ALL OF THEM.

What’s a girl to do? I guess I’ll go distract myself with the Avengers.

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