DIY Geek Shoes, I Want To Make ‘Em

These geeky DIY (Do-It-Yourself) shoes started showing up on my Pinterest page and I thought they were pretty rad. I would love to make some myself but I know I’m too much of a lazy  bastard to even get around to it. Still, I decided to use the power of Google search and comply a list of tutorials of these fashionably, nerdy shoes.

I love these Batman flats! You can find the how-to instructions on this website: Cut Out and Keep. As well as photos of other people’s shoes inspired by this tutorial. Honestly, it’s probably not too hard to make a pair since all you need are scissors and mod podge. The only real challenge is the ability to smooth out the imagery properly on the shoe.

These R2-D2 inspired shoes are actually painted by nerdporn on! She sold the pair for $125 on her Etsy page.

Geekfemme on blogspot has a bunch of photos from a nerdy-shoe-making party she hosted. I love this pair of Doctor Who/Tardis shoes. I will make a pair of these some day.

From that same party,’s Clone War heels turned out super cute. Maybe I should also host a nerdy-shoe-making party for my friends.

I also discovered her blog post on these incredible Doctor Who shoes (that I can never own) by Lonely-Soles. Holy crap, I would literally kill for a pair of these! They’re gorgeous.

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