Free Comic Book Day 2012 at The Comic Bug

On May 5th, my fellow Defective Geeks and I were lucky enough to attend Free Comic Book Day at The Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach. This was actually my first Free Comic Book Day, so I was particularly excited. Not only was this event great because of the delicious free comics, but it was a wonderful opportunity to make new connections and chat with fellow geeks.


We had a booth in the neighboring room with some other fabulous vendors. I couldn’t help but feel strangely official and legitimate with our fancy shmancy booth. I mean, check out this name tag. It wasn’t even hand written! It’s like, nicely printed and stuff. It’s so pretty and shiny (Thanks, Comic Bug!).

IMG_6401 We’re a real podcast now.

For those of you who were not able to attend Free Comic Book Day, here is a picture that will give you an idea of the line waiting to get inside:

IMG_6412 Eeek!

At The Comic Bug, Free Comic Book Day had so much to offer. Not only did one get their promised free comic books, but there was also (wait for it… wait for it…) face painting!



I was sincerely jealous of the children getting their faces painted. Twenty-four years old isn’t too old to get a face painting, right?

Another great part about free comic book day was the cosplaying, specifically the children cosplayers. Try to not say “awww” while looking at these pictures. I dare you.




There was also Thor and Obi Wan. Can you say, “Winning?”


One booth in particular I would like to focus on is for the The Hero Initiative. We interviewed the people at the booth, which will appear in the upcoming video we did covering this event, and after hearing their cause I couldn’t help but feel inspired. The Hero Initiative is a federally chartered not-for-profit corporation that helps to support comic veterans and creators in need. You can help by checking out their online store and see them at upcoming events.


I have to say that my favorite part of the day was chatting with other people about all things geek. One of the great things about any geek related event is meeting like minded people. Yes, we can always find our nerdy brethren in the deep recesses of the internet, but there’s something nice about talking to people, face to face, and making those connections in person. I had some of the best discussions with people I met while working at our booth and that’s something that I don’t get to experience everyday. Some of the discussions included which free comic books we picked out and why, what we thought of The Avengers, how Gambit should get his own movie, and other very important topics.

In particular I would like to highlight two amazing young women I met that day. See these two girls right here? They are the coolest people you will ever meet.


We chatted with these girls for the longest time about practically everything geek. We talked about Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes, Supernatural, and so many other things. My fellow Defective Geeks and I were simply enamored with these girls because not only did they mirror our own fandoms, but they were so articulate and intelligent. I honestly had the best time chatting with them and wished that they had been my friends back when I was still in school. They give us hope that the next generation is not lost. If you girls ever see this, you are AWESOME!

Another great part of the day was finally doing an event with Pilbeam, who’s normally too cool for us and living in England pffft.

So cute.

Thank you again to The Comic Bug for letting us be a part of Free Comic Book Day. We had the greatest time and cannot wait for the next one. After all, free stuff? Yes, please!

See more pictures at Fortune Cookie’s Flickr Page.


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