Last year, Marie Lu’s first young adult novel, LEGEND, blew us all away and in January 2013, the second installment in Day and June’s dystopian adventure is coming: PRODIGY. The cover of the new book was revealed a couple of weeks ago as well as an excerpt from the first chapter, which you can read over at Be warned! Just like in LEGEND, the first chapter of PRODIGY will leave you hanging!

Marie was kind enough to do a quick interview with us to let us know what we can look forward to in the second book.

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Is it as exciting to see the finished product for PRODIGY as it was with LEGEND?

MARIE LU: YES! Seeing PRODIGY come together is actually exciting in a completely different way. I’ve written plenty of manuscripts before (that never made it), but this is the very first book I’ve written that’s a sequel to something. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever written, so I’m really excited and anxious to hear what readers think!

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What can we look forward to in PRODIGY? Would there be more action? More romance~ perhaps?

LU: Yes, and yes. :) A lot of things that came up in LEGEND will get flipped on their heads in PRODIGY. Clashes of ideologies, character revelations… Day and June’s tentative trust of each other gets complicated, and we’ll see a lot more of the world as well as get more on the world’s backstory. I guess the theme of this one is “Not everything is as it seems”?

Will we see a lot of changes with Day and June after the first book? What do you think is the main difference between PRODIGY from the first book?

LU: I think there are a lot more shades of gray in PRODIGY than in LEGEND. There’s also a lot more politics. I think Day evolves more in this one than in the first book, and June goes through another arc as well.

Any new characters that you are excited about introducing to the readers?

LU: Yes, there are a few–although the one I had the most fun working on was Anden Stavropoulos, the new Elector. :)

What are you most excited about personally?

LU: Getting to see PRODIGY go out into the world! I’m so anxious to hear readers’ reactions, and am really looking forward to their emails!

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PRODIGY is already available for online pre-orders. Check the websites below for more information.

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