Zachary Levi, Comic-Con and Cosplay

When @thenerdmachine Twitter account asked for cosplay volunteers for a short movie, I decided to jump on it. I haven’t officially cosplayed for a long, long time but I was feeling quite adventurous. I’m not the type to throw myself in front of a camera on a regular basis (mah ugly mug!)  but I had a great time when I was on set for The Guild last year. It was a great experience and a chance to meet like-minded people.

On set with Zachary Levi!

As you can see, it was totally worth it to drive an hour to set on a Saturday morning and wearing a costume in super hot weather — just to get my photo with Zachary Levi (Chuck)! For those who didn’t know, The Nerd Machine is Levi’s company and of course, he was the leading man in the film they were shooting that weekend.

On set with Zachary Levi!

Here is a group shot of all the cosplayers that showed up that day, the same photo that Zach tweeted!

We spent most of the day waiting and we were only needed on set for less than 5 minutes that day. No complaints from me because there was a free snack bar the entire day and lunch was delicious. Yes. I am still mostly driven by free food to this day…

In all seriousness, it was nice just to hang out with everyone as we were all sweating into our costumes. Everybody was super nice and cool — we were all pretty relaxed, I would say, getting to know each other a little bit and just chatting in our little waiting area.

On set with Zachary Levi!

I did get to tell Zach how much I enjoyed Nerd HQ at the San Diego Comic Con last year. I also told him if I hadn’t gotten a pass for this year, I would have still gone just to hang out at the HQ! Yes, you don’t need a SDCC badge to go to the Nerd HQ panels. It’s totally worth a visit for those who will be at SDCC this year, by the way, I highly recommend it.

READ our adventures from last year: Nerd HQ, Year One.

I think it’s great that actors like Zach are giving all of us nerdlings a chance to participate in cool projects and support the community in a bigger way. Along with the director, they were both very grateful that we took time to volunteer.

I can’t say much about the film and what it’s about. I doubt you’ll see me on screen since I didn’t get to be there for the second day of the shoot. I am still glad that I got to be a part of it for a day and witnessed first-hand a lot of the fun stuff you’ll get to see when the video launches via web. There were lots of cool peeps in it, like Nathan Fillion and Adam Baldwin.

Watch out for it, it should be good.

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